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Forklift Operator Safety Camera Recorder Benefits

One of the most dangerous as well as costly employee occupations for a company is operating a forklift or industrial lift truck.

The potential loss of life, employee injuries, rehab for those injuries, medical-related issues, liability claims, and insurance premiums can be costly collateral damage. The sad reality is in most cases these accidents can be prevented through professional lift operator training, proactive supervision, camera system surveillance accountability to assure the lift operations are performed correctly, and management oversight to correct the operations when there are failures.

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3 Grades of Mobile Video Vehicle Surveillance Camera Systems

Fleet managers' wants and needs are subjective and the Vehicle Video Surveillance System best suited for US Marshal Prison Bus Transport Video Surveillance may not be the best choice for Elderly Assisted Living Shuttle Video Camera Applications. Each application in the mobile video onboard camera market has its own specific requirements that must be met in order to adequately offer the liability protection or management oversight they are seeking.

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Analog High Definition (AHD) DVRs For 
Vehicle Safety Camera Surveillance Solutions

Many bells and whistles are available in the mobile vehicle camera surveillance and driver safety solutions offered in the vehicle surveillance markets.

None of those features or attributes affects the functionality or ability to incorporate alternate technologies as much as the mobile DVR platform itself.

With a wide selection of possible DVR technologies to choose from when selecting a DVR platform to build your system solutions upon, only 1 offers the flexibility to adapt and incorporate different technologies, in a way that permits you to truly embrace the concept of sustainability and recycle older Analog cameras side by side with the new HD Megapixel cameras, to help conserve resources and limit the pollution caused by forced obsolescence of fully functional cameras and system components and that is the Analog High Definition (AHD) Mobile DVR.

Why You Should Consider an Analog High Definition DVR Platform?

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Switcher Truck 5th Wheel King Pin Safety Camera System

Over the last 30 years, our mobile video digital recorders have been adapted by many companies for their application
on industrial trucks, pallet trucks, and a wide variety of other vehicle-mounted mobile camera applications.

One of the most interesting of those applications has been in what we refer to as “Switcher Truck 5th Wheel King Pin Camera System”, also called Yard Mules, used by companies who handle and move large numbers of containers/trailers on their yards.

The Switcher Truck 5th Wheel King Pin Camera is the adaptation of our existing School Bus Video Camera system wherein it is used to monitor the locked or not locked status of the 5th wheel or King Pin jaws in the yard tractor-trailer swapping or switching operations. Often what appears to be a good lock is not and in some cases where the King Pin appears lock sitting still, the jaws can open and lose a load while making a turn in the yard.

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