"CS1 Spotter" 5th Wheel King Pin Trailer Camera

“CS1 Spotter” Yard Trailer Switcher
Operator Safety Camera

Yard truck trailer swapping applications require competent safety training on the specific models and types of equipment
 operated, as well as the focused attention by the Yard Mule trailer swapper operator to safely lock and secure the 5th wheel locking jaws for trailer King Pin and make certain the 5th wheel locking jaws are engaged and securely lock the swapped trailer, King Pin, in position.

Trailer switcher aka Yard Mule truck operators are often pressed for time, and when rushed, mistakes are common such as; High-Hook, jaws not locked, King Pins not engaged, or Kingpins not securely locked prior to moving the tractor, causing a trailer rollover or trailer hitting the ground damaging the trailer, due to unsecured trailer King Pin or locking jaws not fully engaged.

Tug tests by Yard Mule Switcher truck operators can fail to identify several problems such as King Pins not securely locked, faulty 5th wheel jaw lock sensor, visual inspection under low light or adverse conditions can be rushed, and Switcher Operator error can result in costly damage to the trailer and the contents thereof.

“CS1 Spotter” 5th Wheel 
Yard Mule Driver Safety Solution

For decades mobile video observation and surveillance cameras have been mounted on vehicles to document their activities and operation as a way to enhance safety, accountability, and increase productivity. Blindspot cameras have been successfully incorporated into the vehicle mobile video applications from cars, trucks, and off-road mining equipment.

“CS1 Spotter” 5th Wheel Driver Safety Camera Can Help Reduce Damage & Costly Repairs:
  • Reduce King Pin Damage Bent or Broken from non-locked Trailers (Less Downtime = Increased Productivity). 
  • Reduce Trailer Damage from High Hooks and Trailer Rollovers (Less Damage = Increased Productivity).
  • Reduce 5th Wheel Damage (Less Tractor Downtime = Increased Productivity).
  • Reduce Product Cargo Damaged by Dropped Trailers or Trailer Rollovers (Less Damage = Increased Productivity).
  • Piece of Mind, only Video Documentation can Provide (Video Documentation = Management Verification & Oversight).
“CS1 Spotter” Can Help Increase Operator Safety Accountability & Management Oversight:
  • Enhance Operator Safety & Highlight Safety Concerns With Documented Video Record
  • Conserve Fuel, Reduce Pollution / Carbon Footprint via Tractor Engine Idle Time Reduction
  • Reduce Non-Productive Time, DVR Documents Vehicle Usage & Operator Activity 
  • Determine The Cause of Dumped Loads, To Help Prevent Future Swapping Accidents

IP66 Waterproof Touch Screen Display
“CS1 Spotter” Yard Trailer Switcher
Operator Safety Camera
1TB Solid State SSD Memory Capacity
Driver Event Marker w/Pre & Post Event Capture
Wi-Fi Wireless Download & GPS On Screen Mapping
Waterproof IP66 FCAMs for 5th Wheel Applications
Built-in 9-axis Accelerometer, Crash trigger & G-Sensor Charting
Active Driver Trailer Switching Safety Training with Active Driver Alerts

"CS1 Spotter with SS4 Industrial Grade Vehicle Camera System DVRs features:
  • Industrial Grade DVR for Extreme Environment IP66  Waterproof, High-Security Steel Locking Faceplate 
  • 1080P High Definition 150 Degree FOV 5th Wheel King Pin Camera IP66 Waterproof FCAMs
  • 1TB 7mm Slide in SSD (optional) or 512GB SDXC 100% Solid State memory (optional)
  • Built-in 9-axis Accelerometer, Crash & Inertia G-Sensor Impact Charting for Yard Trailer Switching
  • 7" LCD Display IP66 Waterproof Touch Screen Industrial Grade Monitor
  • Driver Training / Warning Audio Alerts for Dangerous Yard Trailer Switching 
  • Driver Event Marker Button DVR Status LED Indicator (optional)
  • 10-Year Camera Warranty on every High Definition 1080P 5th Wheel King Pin Camera
  • Testudo Lifetime System Warranty Protection (optional)
  • Wireless IP66 Waterproof Magnetic Cameras w/Rechargeable Battery (optional)

“CS1 Spotter” Yard Truck Trailer Switcher SS4F Video Surveillance Camera Pricing:
SS4F-1 ….1-Camera 5th Wheel Trailer Switcher Driver Safety In-Cab Kingpin Camera System Operator Safety Camera Recorder $1,200 -$1,500
SS4F-2 ….2-Camera 5th Wheel Trailer Switcher Driver Safety In-Cab Kingpin Camera System Surveillance Recorder $1,300 - $1,600
SS4F-3….3-Camera Yard Truck In-Cab Monitoring Trailer Swapping King Pin Jaws Locked Safety Camera DVR $1,400 - $1,700
SS4F-4…..4-Camera Yard Truck In-Cab Monitoring Trailer Swapping King Pin Jaws Locked Safety Camera Surveillance $1,500 - $1,800
Testudo Lifetime System Warranty optional
Reseller Pricing Available


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