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In-Vehicle Onboard Video Camera Surveillance Applications

School Bus Camera Systems may differ from onboard Video Event Data Recorder systems it is the application that defines their specific requirements more than the device.  Cameras size, shape and configuration in these application specific employments can enhance the proper integration in those caring application environments. Inside vehicle cameras can be employed as either; inside vehicle video event recorders or semi truck safety camera surveillance systems.

While both applications involve multi surveillance cameras onboard vehicle with DVR recording inside truck does not mean they will operate the same way.  In-truck safety camera recorder systems are continuously recording the video data from the surveillance cameras, while the mobile DVR can automatically trigger Event Alarm aspects of the vehicle safety camera such as high G sensor impacts or inertia or overspeed.
Commercial inside vehicle video cameras on commercial semi truck often referred to as semi-truck  cameras are a proven means for enhancing driver safety and security by providing video recording systems inside the vehicle that can provide digital expert witness in case of incident or crime. Security driver safety video event recorders on commercial vehicles provide sequential video evidence when needed to dispute false allegations or document dangerous driving behaviors.

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Armored Vehicle VIP Transport Video Camera Systems

Paratransit Wheelchair Vehicle Video Camera Systems

Non-Emergency Medical Transit Camera Surveillance Systems

Waste Collection Recycling Video Camera Surveillance Systems

Metro & City Transit Bus Video Camera Systems

Elderly Day Care & Assisted Living Transit Camera Systems

Heavy Duty Industrial Forklift Operator Safety Camera Systems