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Propriety Vehicle Video Cameras Waste Money & Cause Pollution

There are many compelling reasons for a vehicle fleet manager to select an Industry Standard connector-based system, as should anything change in the future, you have the ability to use other components from a myriad of suppliers.

Most suppliers of Vehicle Video Camera Recording systems employ a business model of “Propriety connectors” to help them ensure that once they sell to a customer that customer has little to no choices in purchasing subsequent systems if they wish to have any commonality of components.

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Dangerous Driving Fleet Safety Camera

Ask yourself, when do you know what your fleet vehicle drivers are doing while they operate your company vehicles on the roads?
The reality is with no management oversight and no monitoring equipment in place, the first time you may realize your fleet of vehicle drivers are dangerous is when you are notified they had a crash. By the time most fleet managers realize they have a problem, it is too late to prevent the accident or incident that called their attention to the problem. By then, the damage may already be done, and the personal injury, property damage, or litigation lawsuit may already be a ​fait accompli.

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Cannabis Transport Vehicle Video Camera Recorder

Nationwide sentiment and state regulation regarding Cannabis laws have created an unusual, fleet video camera application.
State after state is now changing its laws and regulations regarding possession, sale, and distribution of what is still a federally controlled and restricted product.

Cannabis / Marijuana CBD/THC products are now at the state level being recognized as a lawful product with states legislation of the substances that were once restricted.

This creates several issues regarding banking as banks are regulated at the federal level so banks cannot loan money or be part of financing Cannabis / Marijuana business enterprises due to the standing federal restrictions.
In addition transportation of the Cannabis / Marijuana product and the massive amounts of cash paid for them that cannot be channeled through federally regulated banks must be transported and due to the high demand for Cannabis / Marijuana and the cash given for these products, the dealers and distributors of the Cannabis / Marijuana product and the stores selling them dealing with massive cash transactions must have the means to transport their product and cash with a higher level of security and oversight.

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Non-emergency Medical Transport (NEMT) Vehicle Safety Cameras

Non-Emergency Medical Transportation (NEMT) provides transportation to individuals who are not in an emergency situation but need more medical assistance and specialized equipment than other transportation options can provide. NEMT services are a necessity for those who cannot get to medical facilities on their own.
Non-emergency medical transportation camera systems aka NEMT Vehicle Camera Recorders provide sequential video documentation proof of transit service for people who need assistance getting to and from medical appointments. 

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Top Reasons Industrial Grade Vehicle Video Camera Recorders Are The Best Value

The “Top Reason” for investing in Industrial Grade Vehicle Video Camera Recorders for your company vehicle is, of course, to help ensure the safe operation of your company Industrial Lift equipment by those operators employing them and help reduce the dangers inherent in the use of heavy material moving equipment, saving lives, reducing personal injuries and keeping the workplace a safer place.

While protecting employees' lives and reducing bodily harm to them in the execution of their work-related duties is paramount to the company decided to invest in Fork Lift or Industrial Truck Camera systems, that is far from the only reason to purchase them.

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Are “Industrial Grade” Lift Truck Camera Systems Worth The Cost?

“Value” is subjective, and when working for a company, few consider the value of a product to that company that employs them, it is often assumed that the lowest cost to the company is also the best value for them. The entire “Low bid” purchase requirement of most government entity BID and RFQs is driven by cost prioritized over quality or value.
The lowest cost is not always the Best Value.

There are advantages or “added value” in the Industrial Grade mobile video products offered, what follows are some compelling reasons to advocate for the higher quality and better value offered by “Industrial Grade” systems.

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Fleet Vehicle Video Camera System Function Verification

"Trust Bus Verify"
When Renaldus Maximus aptly stated “Trust but verify” he was referring to the USSR’s compliance in Nuclear Arms Treaty with the USA.
The same level of faith in performance, backed up by periodic testing is required to verify full functionality in any of the below vehicle video camera applications:
Forklift HD Industrial Operator Safety Camera System
5th Wheel King Pin Trailer CS1 Spotter Yard Mule Camera
Police Patrol Wagon Suspect, Prisoner & Inmate in-Custody Transport Camera
Paratransit Driver Safety Video Camera Surveillance System
Elderly Day Care Shuttle & Assisted Living Transportation Vehicle Video Camera

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Legal Considerations for Vehicle Video Cameras

There is an old phrase: “Hope for the best while preparing for the worst” that embodies the spirit of possibilities while guarding cautiously the potential for disappointment and tragedy.

The Vehicle Video Camera Driver Safety systems sold by American Bus Video Inc. are tools that can be used to document via Vehicle Video Camera Evidence what happens, as well as what did not happen on that vehicle. Like any tool there are proper use requirements for the safe use and functionality of that tool, the same is true of vehicle video surveillance cameras.

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Driving While Texting (DWT) Safety Camera

The age of COVID has rendered most other important topics on “hold” and likely for years as the mutations of COVID steal headlines, and consume every column in newspapers and every topic hour on mainstream media, or social media, as fear sells.

Still, some topics continue to wreak havoc on businesses due to their liability and potential for catastrophic damages and loss in human life as well as property. One of those areas of concern is still Texting While Driving.

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Police Suspect, Prisoner, Inmate Transport Safety Camera

In the current climate of year-long violent riots in major cities, Marxist trained rioters burning, looting, pillaging hundreds of stores, while the same angry mobs hold posters decrying Fascism under a Democrat administration with both houses of Congress and the talking heads on TV doing their best to support those rioting, burning and pillaging the cities under siege openly representing those captured in HD video responsible for assaults and murder as “Mostly peaceful protest”, discounting those tossing Molotov cocktails, bricks, frozen water bottles and fireworks at law enforcement officers as they are trying to bring order to those who must live in these areas as just a few isolated incidents.

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