Those passenger transportation applications that receive federal funding may now require a higher threshold of verification and management oversight to ensure the mandates of the federal funding eligibility are met and to maintain the federal funds in the future. ​​
Some passenger transportation applications that may have federal funding likely require an elevated level of risk management for these vehicle video camera systems, including:

Federal Funding applications often have higher budgets due to the additional funding, and this is reflected in the vehicle video camera system configurations they select, meaning they might opt for the GPS option showing vehicle speeds and location mapping during playback, and they may get additional camera heads for more surveillance or larger memory storage devices. The Testudo Lifetime Vehicle Camera System Warranty is available, offering the best value in long-term warranty coverage for these systems.

Those applications that do not receive additional federal funding may opt for fewer frills on systems do their budget restrictions, and in those situations, the ability to get the best value for their buck may be an overriding concern for those in the purchasing department.

Private applications where it has little or no funding assistance from the government are even more crucial to have the best value and the least waste as these are profit-driven applications, unlike the other two categories.

Those who are determined to maintain their compliance to meet the requirements for federal funds can find an In-Vehicle Security Camera DVR system, a valuable tool that can provide sequential non-biased expert witness video files in the case a review of an incident to the event is required of called into question that in some way may jeopardize the eligibility of the federal funds into the future.

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