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Common Q&A of Industrial Lift Truck & Forklift Video Cameras Part 10

This is part 10 of common questions raised by those considering adding Industrial Material Handling Vehicle Operator Safety and Surveillance Cameras to their forklifts, skid loaders, high reach order pickers, manup order pickers to help as a management oversight tool that can record for review the activities of these operations when needed.

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Common Q&A of 5th Wheel King Pin Yard Trailer Swapper Truck Camera Recording Safety Systems

Large trailer storage and warehouse facilities often have hundreds of more trailers on their yards that must be moved, emptied, stored, and filled from warehouses or other trailers to facilitate transfer to other locations in the state and out of state. To perform these functions, tractors designated as Yard Mules often spend the entire day swapping trailers and moving them from place to place to facilitate their loading, unloading, and storage on the sites.
Fleet Risk Management is greatly enhanced when you have an expert witness in the form of a 5th Wheel King Pin Lock Driver Surveillance Safety Camera Digital Recording system installed in the tractors or Yard Mules that move these trailers from place to place.

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