Are Wireless Forklift Extended Reacher Operator Cameras waterproof?
Yes, like the FCAMs sold for the Industrial Material Handling Lift Truck Camera Recording solutions, the wireless versions are waterproof and come with an IP rating. The mobile-rated MDVR is also waterproof and IP rated as are the LCD displays that are used with the systems.

Because the early applications for these in-vehicle mobile video camera recording systems were typically for Special Needs Wheelchair School Bus Video Surveillance Camera Systems in the public school systems and Alternative School & Juvenile Detention Bus Security Camera where they transported children with behavioral issues or past offensive potential criminal acts against others, the general development of the devices never had to deal with the harsh environments of being exposed to rain, sun and wind as the applications were inside a closed vehicle.

Many industrial applications benefit from the added environmental protection, such as Waste Collection Recycling Video Camera Surveillance Systems where the high “G” impacts can shake PC bards from their mounts if the DVRs were not developed and capable or managing and absorbing some of the high shock and harmonic vibrations. Alternative School & Juvenile Detention Bus Security Camera systems often require additional cleaning inside the buses, and high-pressure washers are sometimes used to clean out vomit, urine or fecal matter from children who are acting out against authority.

Non-industrial Forklift Safety Camera Recorder applications can also benefit from the much higher level of security, hardware integrity, and environmental protection such as; Professional Industrial Grade School Bus Video Surveillance Camera Solutions benefit from the much higher level of moisture protection offered in the waterproof cameras and DVRs. In the law enforcement applications of Police Patrol Wagon Suspect, Prisoner & Inmate in-Custody Transport Camera.

Can Wireless Forklift Extended Reacher Operator Cameras be Used on Boats?
The use of the forklift systems can be implemented on many non-forklift applications, as the core platform for the mobile video onboard in-vehicle surveillance camera solution can be an integral part of a vehicle security camera recorder system for unusual applications such as boats, agricultural equipment operators safety cameras, mining equipment and heavy-duty off-road vehicle surveillance operator camera recorders for risk management oversight or to review what might have happened in a past incident or event as a future training and instructional tool.

The most apparent requirement for a mobile video surveillance camera system to be used on a boat would be to be sealed from environmental influences and damage. The Industrial Grade SS4 Material Handling Safety Camera, Recording system equipment, is IP tested to be waterproof. The cameras are waterproof, the DVR is waterproof and the LCDs are waterproof as well as a touch screen, so these systems are well suited for applications of extreme humidity or dust, such as boat or agricultural combine safety operator surveillance camera systems, as well as off-road or mining vehicle surveillance safety camera recording solutions.

Are Wireless Forklift Extended Reacher Operator Cameras Portable?
The Wireless Forklift Extended Reacher Operator Cameras incorporated in the systems American Bus Video Inc. provides are portable as they are self-contained and battery-powered, magnetic mount, so they can be moved quickly from place to place as long as the location is a ferrous oxide (iron or steel) surface that the magnet can stick to.
The distance is a limitation as the receiver transmission is limited to about 100 feet from the transmitting camera to the receiver on the DVR.

Several customers in other applications have used the wireless cameras on 
5th Wheel King Pin Trailer CS1 Spotter Yard Mule Camera applications where monitor the 5th wheel of the tractor that swaps yard trailers to ensure the kingpin is securely latched and does not come apart during trailer moves in the yard.

Armored Vehicle VIP Transport Video Camera Systems can make use of a wireless camera that can be placed inside the building when they unload the bags they transport to document he items in the bags actually were removed form the truck and delivered and received by the bank or receivers.

Special Needs Wheelchair School Bus Video Surveillance Systems can incorporate the same wireless technology to verify the wheelchair student gets successfully delivered to the location, demonstrating the video of them safely within the location when the vehicle-mounted cameras would not have been able to do that.

Elderly Day Care Shuttle & Assisted Living Transportation Vehicle Video Camera applications that are required to deliver the patients inside the home of location can also use the wireless cameras to successfully transmit the video to the DVR in a vehicle that they successfully delivered the patients where they might be claims they did something improperly.

Do Wireless Forklift Extended Reacher Operator Cameras have a Driver Event Marker Button?
Yes there is a small accessory option in the product line that offers both a remote DVR status indication in the form of LEDs to display the system’s operation and a Driver Event Button to mark events the drive believes may be important.

Driver Event Markers are common options in many other mobile vehicle onboard video camera surveillance system applications due to the nature of the sequential recording being long, so it is important to have a mechanism to make incidents in the long record files for faster review.

Most applications that transport students or children incorporate these types of driver event markers:

Before & After Care School Child Day Care Pickup In-vehicle Shuttle Safety Cameras

Head Start  Pre-K Pre-School Nursery School Child Safety Bus Camera Recorder systems

Alternative School & Juvenile Detention Bus Security Camera

Transportation Ministry Youth Activities Church Bus Camera System

Do Wireless Forklift Extended Reacher Operator Cameras have a DVR status indicator?
Again, Yes, a small accessory option in the product line offers a remote DVR status indication in the form of LEDs to display the operation of many of the Low-cost Mobile Video Vehicle Surveillance Recorders.

The Low-Cost, Affordable School Bus Camera Systems used in student transportation applications is commercial grade and will not hold up under the increased vibration, G force impacts, and environmental conditions of where Industrial Material Handling Truck Cameras Recording systems must operate.

However, the environment that the Skid Loaders, Hi-Reacher Order Picker Materials Handling Industrial Lift Trucks Camera Systems operate in calls for Rugged Industrial Grade Forklift Industrial Lift Truck Camera Recording solutions that come with Lifetime System Warranties available.

Should you have any questions, concerns or require more information about various applications or Fleet Vehicle Transportation Video Camera Recorder configurations, we encourage you to let us know and we will be happy to offer our 30+ years of market experience in sales and service of digital recording devices to respond to your concerns or questions.