Can Forklift  Video Camera Surveillance Systems highlight dangerous operator behaviors?
Ask yourself, if you were operating a forklift or material handling device, would you do it differently if your supervisor and the company owners were lined up beside you watching everything you did?

If the answer is “No.” then you are either the most professional contentious lift operator out there or a pathological liar or sociopath who does not care about the safety of others, their property or the potential damages you could cause to them or their property with your unprofessional, dangerous driving or operator behaviors.

Honestly, just the presence and capabilities of the Forklift Operator Safety Surveillance Camera Recorder system in most cases to cogent sentient beings brings a much higher level of personal accountability to the job when you know your every action can be reviewed, every activity can be recorded and every bad choice, shortcut, or dangerous driver/operator behavior is captured in high definition video files.

There is irrefutable evidence that enhanced supervision can help prevent negative or dangerous behaviors from people who act differently when they are unsupervised. The mere presence of vehicle video surveillance Camera Recording systems provides a strong incentive for drivers in many applications on the transportation industry to act in a more professional and responsible manor as they are aware their actions can be reviewed when incidents arise.

For Example: Bus Seat Cover Vandalism, Camera Surveillance systems, are sold for school bus fleets to help document and reduce the incidence of vandalism to the bus seats by children who perform dirty deeds when they believe they cannot be held accountable. Once the camera systems are in the buses and the perpetrators of the violations and criminal acts of vandalism are charged or suspended the effect of sudden accountability and the link between action and consequence is established, the incidence often drops greatly.

For Example, Paratransit Driver Safety Video Camera Surveillance System equipped vehicles offer a sometimes difficult job for the drivers as in some cases they must be in vehicle baby sitter dealing with nonjob related issues of the passengers.It is easy to forget that your job duties require professional and compassionate performance of their duties, and the passengers have the same issues as they often expect more of the driver than they are capable of doing such as other stops. Both sides of these issues are documented without bias without prejudice and stored for later review. The knowledge of these systems can often help frustrated drivers control themselves and others because of the added accountability it provides. The fact there is always Expert Witness or a third party watching can be a blessing to both parties on different occasions. This is just as helpful in the Special Needs Wheelchair Lift School Bus Camera system-equipped buses.

Can the Audio Be Turned Off?
Yes, the audio can be turned off in 2 ways; hardware and software.
The hard-line connection between the camera audio can be unplugged,, completely, severing all physical connection of the audio channels. The Cameras For School Bus Video Surveillance Recording DVR menu can be accessed and in the menu the software for enabling Audio recording can be turned off.

For Example Skid Loader Forklift & Order Picker Camera Recording system equipped vehicles are often operated by Union members who may have in their contracts a provision for the prohibition of recording their audio during job-related activities.

For Example, Non-Emergency Medical Transit Camera Surveillance Systems equipped vehicles may carry passengers who use their cell phones and give credit card or other medical health-related private information over the phones as they are in a closed vehicle expecting some degree of privacy.

For Example: Police Patrol Wagon Suspect, Prisoner & Inmate in-Custody Transport Camera equipped vehicles are usually transporting passengers with a high probability of being seriously intoxicated, high or in other ways aggressively violent and prone to making claims and threats to the officers transporting them. If the passengers have been made aware of their rights, then the statements they say can in some cases be used against them. The cameras that may be in the officer portion of the vehicle can have the audio turned off so discussions between officers or calls they may place on the phone or coms with supervisors can remain private.

Does The System Record Dangerous Forklift Operator Behaviors?
Industrial life and material handling often involve products and duties that can pose a safety risk to the operators/drivers, others in the vicinity as well as the property being handled and the structures or property surrounding them as many ceilings and roofs have collapsed due to drivers running into support columns holding the roofs up.

Whether the solution calls for Hi Reach Order Picker Industrial Lift Camera Recorder to document order pulling or Manup Order industrial Lift Camera Recording vehicles, the goals are similar, as they monitor the actions of the lift operator/driver and can provide recorded video evidence files for later review in case of event or incident. This is the same type of Fleet Driver Risk Management Tool provided in a myriad of other vehicle video camera surveillance recording applications.

For Example: Casino Customer Shuttle Bus Video Surveillance Safety Camera equipped transport vehicles can be used to document dangerous driving and driver behaviors that might be reported by the passengers of those applications that might seem to be adversarial at times between the drivers and the passengers.

For Example: Alternative School & Juvenile Detention Bus Security Camera equipped vehicles are another example where the passengers  (problematic youths) and drivers law enforcement or other authority figures) are often in adversarial positions and the likelihood of he-said, she-said claims are likely to be made that require verification or refuting depending on the claim.

What Is The Largest Memory Available For Forklift Camera Recording Systems?
At the time of this writing, the largest memory storage commonly available for these systems is 2TB.  That limitation is likely to double every 3 years due to technical innovations. It is important to note that the availability of large storage devices is not in itself as important as having a system that works reliably, so more than a decade ago ABV stopped using fragile crash-a-lot Hard Drives and specked only 100% Solid State memory storage devices for our vehicle video camera applications just like the NASA, US Armed-Forces, Law Enforcement community all places where poor choices like fragile hard drives can cost you dearly in lawsuits and loss of evidence.

For Example Transportation Ministry Youth Activities Church Bus Camera Systems are installed on church passenger transport vehicles so they are not in a 24/7/365 type application so in most cases the smaller 128GB SDXC memory device is more then enough for weeks or up to among storage depending on camera number and usage.

For Example Elderly Day Care Shuttle & Assisted Living Transportation Vehicle Video Camera equipped vehicles are vehicle video camera recorder surveillance application that operates much more frequently so the larger 256GB SDXC memory card is a much better choice for their higher number of camera and longer operation periods per week.

Should you have any questions or concerns or require more information about various applications or Fleet Vehicle Transportation Video Camera Recorder configurations, we encourage you to let us know and we will be happy to offer our 30+ years of market experience in sales and service of digital recording devices to respond to your concerns or questions.