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Common Q & A of Vehicle Video Camera Surveillance Systems Part 2

This is part 2 of a 3-part Common Q & A that addresses potential customers’ concerns about the Hardware and Accessories of a Vehicle Video Camera Surveillance System, prior to their purchase.
Knowledge is power and the best way to ensure customers get the best value for their investment is to provide them with the information and knowledge to make good decisions.
Asking questions is how you learn, not watching some slick marketing emotional hook video provided by the company trying to separate your company funds for a fat profit margin on their accounts.

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Common Q & A of Vehicle Video Camera Surveillance Systems Part 1

Fleet owners and fleet management professionals share common concerns regarding the daily and annual performance of their fleet vehicle drivers.
Because they share the same concerns, both are seeking a means to monitor, verify or dispute actual or reported events that others may report to them regarding their fleet vehicle drivers.
The ability of the vehicle fleet owners and management to perform proper oversight and management duties on their Fleet vehicle drivers may be the difference between effective vehicle fleet management and unnecessary risk that can lead to irrep[rtable damage to the company due to accidents, property damages or loss of life in future mishaps that could have been avoided.

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Dangerous Driving Fleet Safety Camera

Ask yourself, when do you know what your fleet vehicle drivers are doing while they operate your company vehicles on the roads?
The reality is with no management oversight and no monitoring equipment in place, the first time you may realize your fleet of vehicle drivers are dangerous is when you are notified they had a crash. By the time most fleet managers realize they have a problem, it is too late to prevent the accident or incident that called their attention to the problem. By then, the damage may already be done, and the personal injury, property damage, or litigation lawsuit may already be a ​fait accompli.

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Fleet Vehicle Video Camera System Function Verification

"Trust Bus Verify"
When Renaldus Maximus aptly stated “Trust but verify” he was referring to the USSR’s compliance in Nuclear Arms Treaty with the USA.
The same level of faith in performance, backed up by periodic testing is required to verify full functionality in any of the below vehicle video camera applications:
Forklift HD Industrial Operator Safety Camera System
5th Wheel King Pin Trailer CS1 Spotter Yard Mule Camera
Police Patrol Wagon Suspect, Prisoner & Inmate in-Custody Transport Camera
Paratransit Driver Safety Video Camera Surveillance System
Elderly Day Care Shuttle & Assisted Living Transportation Vehicle Video Camera

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Legal Considerations for Vehicle Video Cameras

There is an old phrase: “Hope for the best while preparing for the worst” that embodies the spirit of possibilities while guarding cautiously the potential for disappointment and tragedy.

The Vehicle Video Camera Driver Safety systems sold by American Bus Video Inc. are tools that can be used to document via Vehicle Video Camera Evidence what happens, as well as what did not happen on that vehicle. Like any tool there are proper use requirements for the safe use and functionality of that tool, the same is true of vehicle video surveillance cameras.

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