When selecting a Fleet Vehicle Video Camera Surveillance Recording System, it is important to fully grasp the operating parameter requirements of the environment the video camera system will be operating within. Some environments are not conducive to certain characteristics of equipment and will cause immediate or eventual failure of said equipment, causing an immediate loss of function and of investment.

Environmental Considerations:

Dusty Environments;
For example, extremely dusty environment applications can permit dust, sand, and grit to enter the DVR and cause premature erosion of the contacts, as well as block tight tolerance slide-in mounts such as SSD or SD card slots within the DVR. The standard equipment for a School Bus Video Surveillance Camera may be similar in function to the systems recommended for Industrial Lift Forklift Telehandlers Safety Cameras, but they operate in very different environments, and that environment in large part, will determine their functionality and survivability in that application. Even the application of a Stop Arm School Bus Camera would fall into this scenario because while the exterior Stop Arm Camera mounted on the bus is environmentally sealed, the entire DVR and cameras inside the school bus video camera system are not.

High Humidity Environments;
An example of this environment might be a location where the humidity in summer, spring, or fall is between 80-95% most of the time. These environments are usually mold filled with black mold growing on fixed structures like houses, vehicles, trees covered with mold, and the ground covered in moss are all indications of extremely high humidity where the printed circuit boards inside the DVR will corrode from the high humidity and eventually short the components causing long service life equipment to last a short year or two.
We have installed School Bus Safety Video Cameras in SC, MS, KY, GA, FL, AL, and LA, Head Start Pre-K Pre-School Nursery School Child Safety Bus Camera Recorder systems in NC, SC, TN, MI, MS, Transportation Ministry Youth Activities Church Bus Camera System in SC, TN, NC, VA, AL, and every bus we worked in that was older than 5 years was covered with black mold. Many of the school districts had to purchase new equipment every few years as the DVRs were all failing prematurely due to the high humidity.
Had they invested in an environmentally sealed system like the Industrial Grade Vehicle Camera systems we offer for Industrial Lift Forklift Telehandlers Safety Cameras, they would have a waterproof camera and DVR that will not prematurely corrode due to high humidity as the cases are waterproof and environmentally sealed.

Outside Wet Environments;
Examples of this would be the Logging Lumber Company Fork Lift Camera Systems. Lumber Companies have pressure-treated lumber facilities that are high in humidity and pressure to treat lumber. These massive lift trucks operate outside and may never come inside in their service life. They will be rained on and subject to every hostile environmental condition forced upon them. These applications require and demand Industrial Grade Vehicle Video Camera systems such as the Industrial Lift Forklift Telehandlers Safety Cameras that are also used on Industrial Crane Camera systems. It goes without saying that there is a higher cost for the higher grade protection offered by the Industrial Grade Systems, as typically in life, you get what you pay for.
The low-cost non-environmentally sealed systems offered for use on Medicaid Patient Transport Vehicle Camera systems or those on ParaTransit Elderly Senior Day Care Transport Vehicle Camera systems would simply not survive the harsh wet environments and would short out with the first rain.

Salt Water or Air Environments;
Coastal states have another environmental consideration in the salt water on the coast and the high salt content often in the air. It is not a mystery when everything on the coastline rusts and ages amazingly fast; the saline content in the ocean is a strong oxidizer for most metals, causing rust and corrosion within hours, not years.
Fleet Vehicle Camera systems operating in these locations must be completely environmentally sealed to have any chance of functional operation for any extended service life.
Using the low-cost Wheelchair Lift Bus Video Camera Surveillance system that is sold for school buses would be a waste of money on the coastline as they have no intrinsic protection against the strong corrosiveness of salt in the air on the coastline.

Dockside Container Gantry Crane Surveillance Camera Systems must incorporate sealed DVRs, Sealed Cameras, and Sealed waterproof LCD displays in order to function in a coastal environment loading and unloading intermodal containers from container ships.
Those installing systems on their ships, docks, and service vehicles in the vicinity of the coastline will have the same need for full environmentally sealed DVRs cameras and displays offered in the Industrial Grade Material Handling Forklift Camera Recorder Systems.

High Risk of Vandalism;
When the Fleet Video Surveillance Camera is used in a way that people are made accountable for their actions, the natural response if resentment.

When Alternative School & Juvenile Detention Bus Security Camera are installed in buses, or Police Patrol Wagon Suspect, Prisoner & Inmate in-Custody Transport Cameras are in transport vehicles used by law enforcement, those passengers being transported are prisoners or suspects in custody, that resentment can often trigger their desire to destroy the cameras. This is often where many customers of other products learn the difference between zinc die-cast metal camera shells that offer high resistance to vandalism and the cheap plastic camera shells their discount supplier provided them that are getting crushed like egg shells by angry prisoners. We receive calls from other suppliers asking to purchase our Steel Camera cages for use in charter school bus camera system applications. These are steel cages made for Department of Corrections Prison Bus Transport Video Camera Surveillance applications, but they need the steel cage to protect their fragile plastic cameras.

High Risk of Driver Tampering Environments;
Human Nature is generally self-serving, meaning we are inclined to do what we want to do, and any restriction placed upon our activities and behaviors is often met with disdain or contempt.
I have been in the Fleet Vehicle Risk Management market for 35+ years, and in that time, I have sold, installed, and served a broad spectrum of driver and vehicle management systems, starting with Stemco shakers, Stemco, Veeder Root, Argo, Zepco Tachographs, On-Board Computers, Fleet Telemetric systems, Fleet Vehicle Video Camera surveillance systems and I have witnessed over the years more than 100 different unique and often ingenious ways drivers have tampered with or disabled our Fleet Vehicle Risk Management Systems so that they could; drink and drive pick up hitchhikers, use the vehicle on weekends for private transport or of the book’s service for cash, launch boats at the lake, carry on a cash-only HVAC service company using the company vehicles and supplies to work side jobs on weekends for cash.

The equipment used in Private Contractor Charter Bus Camera Surveillance systems is not protected from serious driver attempts to tamper with the equipment.
Industrial Grade Material Handling Forklift Camera Recorder Systems offer the solution for potential driver tampering environment applications as they offer all-metal sealed DVRs, with a much higher level of protection on the metal-looking faceplate that also seals out water t the waterproof sealed rear of the DVR protecting the cables which are 3 times as durable and robust as those used in NEMT Patient Transport Camera system applications.

In summation, it is not just the waterproof nature of the Industrial Grade equipment offered for the Industrial Grade Material Handling Forklift Camera Recorder Systems but the fact that the equipment is made to a much higher standard or intrinsic protection against environmental hazards that makes this Vehicle Video Camera Solution so applicable across a wide range of Fleet Vehicle Video Camera Surveillance Solutions.

Should you have any questions or concerns or require more information about various applications or Fleet Vehicle Transportation Video Camera Recorder configurations, we encourage you to let us know, and we will be happy to offer our 30+ years of market experience in sales and service of digital recording devices to respond to your concerns or questions.