One of the ways some state agencies and many private service providers document and verify they are meeting those guidelines is to incorporate a Vehicle Video Camera Surveillance Recorder to document the entire transport and delivery of passengers/patients to and from their destinations so that any claims made can be verified or disputed and that any potential requirements outlined in the funding guidelines are met or exceeded to ensure the funding is approved for this tax period as well as potential future tax periods.

Wheelchair Lift Special Needs School Bus Camera Systems have long been incorporated to help ensure safety and resolve any claims that may be made.
This same technology is a good solution for the Medicaid Medical Transport In-Vehicle Surveillance Camera equipped vehicles, as the vehicle highlight the need for additional oversight and the ability to verify or disprove claims that may be made in a professional and non-biased way that does not permit any questions of prejudice, such as sequential video documentation of the transport would provide.

Medicaid Patient Transport Vehicle Video Surveillance Camera systems can help document the entire transport process from pickup to delivery of the patient so that any climes arising or made from the transport can be verified or disputed with digital eyewitness video evidence that is provided in a sequential time/date/vehicle stamped video image file format that can be used in court if needed.

The In-Vehicle Surveillance Safety Camera Recorder applications listed below do not operate under the same federal guidelines. Yet, they all incorporate a fleet driver risk management system in the form of a mobile onboard video surveillance camera DVR for the reasons it provides a detailed review of 3vents and digital expert eye witness when events or incidents occur that require review:

The few passenger transportation applications that are federally funded and can benefit from the addition of the vehicle video camera system are generally mass transit, rail, subway, and the few applications listed below that we also provide vehicle video camera equipment for:

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