Mobile Vehicle Camera System function verification suggested by ABV Inc.:

Daily driver DVR LED status verification;
Daily driver cameras check that none have been vandalized, such that they are hanging down where they might strike a child's head.

Weekly monitor in bus verification;
DVR is storing new files, all cameras recording, there are no blue screens with “Video Loss” indication a camera is not working, and the files can be viewed and played back from the DVR to the LCD setup monitor.

Annual service recommended includes;
Reformatting all SDXC memory cards on the DVR.
Checking all DVRs for Time/Date/Vehicle ID#
Cleaning all camera lenses

Special attention and oversight by management are appropriate for the below mobile video applications due to their Fleet Driver Risk Management potentials for loss of life, property damage, and potential litigation for failure to perform when something goes wrong.

Transportation Services For Handicapped or Medicaid
Paratransit Driver Safety Video Camera Surveillance Systems are often exposed to claims of passenger abuse, neglect, and dangerous driving as the passengers in some cases may have prescription drugs that may alter their perceptions of reality. They may believe they are being mistreated when in reality they are not and simply seeing what happened from a non-biased Expert Digital Witness can defuse the situation without litigation.

Industrial Lift and Materials Handling Operator Safety Cameras
Forklift HD Industrial Operator Safety Camera Systems operate in an industrial environment and are the most dangerous employee activity according to OSHA. The potential for bodily damages is high as is the likelihood of property damage from these incidents. Customers invest in Forklift Skid Loader or Order Picker Safety Camera Systems to have a non-biased Expert Digital Witness can provide accident analysis when bad things happen so they can learn how the problem may have present and learn from mistakes of the past and train future or existing operators not to make the same mistakes.

Elderly Day Care Shuttle & Assisted Living Transportation Vehicle Video Camera
Elderly passengers can often have a difficult time getting in and out of the shuttle and some may expect far better treatment than what they perceive to be getting from the driver or assistant. Customers who invest in Elderly Day Care Shuttle & Assisted Living Transportation Vehicle Video Cameras either have issues with or are taking a proactive approach to passengers who may make claims of harassment or abuse, which can be subjective and dependent on their perceptions which could be clouded by their medication, mental clarity and state of mind.

5th Wheel King Pin Trailer CS1 Spotter Yard Mule Camera
This is an application where there are no passengers involved but the potential for bodily injury when the truck falls over if the King Pin is not engaged securely. The potential for property damage when a trailer falls over is substantial depending on what the trailer has onboard. Yard Mule 5th Wheel King Pin Yard Swapper Cameras DVRs on Switcher Trucks, not only show the driver the pin and lock are engaged but record the process so it can be verified or reviewed later on is necessary.

Casino Customer Shuttle Bus Video Surveillance Safety Cameras
This is an application that involves built-in animosity, from almost every customer because those challenged with math cannot seem to accept that the “house” has a built-in mathematic advantage in every single gambling venture and if you stay long enough the odds are that you will go home broke. Customers invest in Casino Customer Shuttle Bus Video Surveillance Safety Cameras to document the vandalism to the bus seats and abuse the drivers often suffer at the hands of drunk angry broke passengers who believe the casinos in some way took advantage of them, so they take out their rage on the property and employees of the casinos when they can.
The casinos seem to have a similar problem with the vandalism of seats as school buses employ the Bus Seat Cover Vandalism Camera Surveillance system to document who is doing what in the high back seats on buses.

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