Unlike Assisted Living Transportation Vehicle Video Camera in elderly day care shuttles, which are generally unregulated, the Social Security Act laws and State Medicaid rules and regulations set standards for NEMT patient transport services and interaction that affect transporter eligibility as well as payment. There are several ways a Non-Emergency Medical Transport Camera system can benefit the NEMT provider as it documents those and supports the requirements of the SSA / State Medicaid rules.

Loaded Mileage Documented by NEMT Vehicle Camera Recorder
State Medicaid payment rules may take into account loaded mileage, location, and wait times. States and contracted transportation entities may only pay fee-for-service transportation providers for loaded mileage (a managed care entity may be paid a per member per month fee.  A typical SMA definition of loaded mileage is the time a beneficiary is actually in the vehicle. If a driver arrives at a preauthorized destination for pickup and transport and the beneficiary does not show up for the appointment, then that person is a no-show, and the provider generally cannot bill for the trip. 

Location Documented by NEMT Vehicle Camera Recorder
State Medicaid rules may require beneficiaries to be picked up at home and taken to their medical services, and then be dropped off at home after they receive services. If a trip is to a non-medical destination like the grocery store, shopping mall, to meet a friend, or something similar, State Medicaid rules do not cover the trip. Those requesting those trips need to be aware they are chargeable and not covered under Medicare, and the In-Vehicle Non-Emergency Medical transport Camera Recorder documents any verbal agreements offered by the passengers that the driver may inform them are not covered under SSA or Medicaid.

Unreported Cash Payments
Due to the exclusion of personal non-medical associated trips or stops that may be desired by the passengers, on occasion, they may offer the driver cash for a private trip not covered by SSA or Medicaid, in effect making use of the company vehicle, insurance, and drivers time for a use not approved by the transport company, not reimbursed by SSA or Medicaid and exposing the company vehicle, driver and liability insurance to the additional risk they were not aware of or in agreement to accept.
This activity could be documented by the onboard vehicle video camera digital recorder. 
In many vehicle applications, we have found employees taking advantage of the companies who employ them and letting them take the company vehicle home at night and on weekends.

Private contractor school bus cameras systems document weekend activities by drivers who take their buses home who engage in using the company vehicle like a moving truck, or transporting large numbers of friends from place to place as a party bus.

Plumbing or HVAC Service vehicle video camera systems have caught hundreds of employees doing side jobs and weekend work with their company's vehicles, tools, and supplies causing additional risk and losses for their company.

Wait Times Documented by NEMT Vehicle Camera Recorder
In most states, they cannot receive an additional payment based on wait times. The costs of wait times may have been taken into account in determining overhead costs in setting transportation payment rates. However, SSA & Medicaid may not pay for time waiting for patients or passengers.
Our Non-Emergency Medical Transport Vehicle Video Camera Systems have optional GPS speed and On-Screen Mapping to document all arrival times, transport routes, departure times so pickup and delivery can be documented for later revue if need be.

Arrival Times Documented by NEMT Vehicle Camera Recorder
In several States, two of the more frequent complaints about transportation providers concern the timeliness of the driver and the driver not showing up. Our Non-Emergency Medical Transport Vehicle Video Camera Systems On Screen Mapping feature is available with the GPS option documents on a google map where the vehicle is including arrival times, departure times, and the traveled routes are taken by the driver in case this information is needed later.

Driver Actions & Comments Documented by NEMT Vehicle Camera Recorder
Drivers should be required to treat beneficiaries with courtesy and respect. The State, the broker, or the transportation company should monitor any complaints made by beneficiaries related to access and quality—including any complaints received about the driver’s behavior—and hold drivers accountable. . more frequent complaints about transportation providers concern problems with the driver’s behavior and “other stakeholders.”
A driver reported issues from passengers can be addressed, recorded and validated, or refuted with the below-listed Vehicle Video Camera Recorders:
Paratransit Driver Safety Video Camera Surveillance System

Elderly Day Care Shuttle & Assisted Living Transportation Vehicle Video Camera

Police Patrol Wagon Suspect, Prisoner & Inmate in-Custody Transport Camera 

Students With Disabilities & Special Needs Transportation Video Camera

SSA / Medicaid Records Backed by NEMT Vehicle Camera Recorder
The Social Security Act requires all Medicaid providers to keep records and furnish them to the State upon request. Each State determines what must be documented, and providers are responsible for keeping the information and producing it if the State asks for it.

Passengers' Identity & Physical Condition Documented by NEMT Vehicle Camera Recorder
At a minimum, all states require providers to document the beneficiary’s name and Medicaid identifier, the pickup and drop-off locations, the date and time the services were furnished, and the number of miles traveled with the beneficiary in the vehicle. It is important when complaints are made or events are cited that the condition of the patient or passenger is also documented, as some passengers may not be of sound mind and body.
For example one of the complications often documented by Elderly Day Care Shuttle & Assisted Living Transportation Vehicle Video Camera, is the patient's degree of medication or state of mind. Some are on medications that may alter their perception, some may make them drowsy, irritated, or argumentative with the drivers.

In summary, the Vehicle Video Camera Recorder systems we provide can be applied to many vehicle passenger applications and may provide sequential video expert witness testimony that is unbiased, impartial, and admissible in court that could help resolve he said she said claims of treatment of passengers by drivers of these NEMT Vehicle Camera Recorder equipped vehicles.