OSHA findings reveal one of the most dangerous if not the most dangerous aspects of employee safety is the operation of Industrial Material Handling Trucks commonly referred to as Forklifts. Unlike School Bus Video Camera systems placed on buses which are one of the safest vehicles Industrial Lift Trucks operate in a much more fluid, changing and dynamic environment.

It is evident from recent findings of more than 19,000 forklift related injuries annually, that this area of employee activity may benefit from the additional oversight offered by a Forklift Safety Camera DVR System and video documentation in order to capture unusual or dangerous incidents or activities that may be used in future operator safety training in identification of potential problems or simply a way to document violations of safety policy or procedure, caused by distraction, ignorance or complacency that may indicate a need for more safety training in the operation of specific equipment or applications.

The addition of a Forklift Safety Camera System that can provide the operator with a view of the load or the environment around their lift truck that would not be possible without the addition of a Industrial Grade Material Handling Forklift Camera Recorder can enhance the safety of their actions by providing them a means to see what in the past they might have been missing.

Why might you consider adding a Forklift Safety Camera System to your industrial lift trucks?
The mere presence of a Forklift Safety Camera System, can be a powerful means to remind the operator they are being recorded, that they can be help accountable for their actions, that their actions are documented and this is a proven deterrence for many types of negative behaviors, that are often demonstrated where there are no Forklift Safety Camera Recorders in place because Human nature has proven that people act differently when they are accountable for their actions. This is the same risk management desire used in the Special Needs Wheelchair School Bus Video Surveillance Systems applications, where the level of liability can be enormous.

When considering adding a Forklift Safety Camera System to your fleet of industrial lifts, it is important to clearly define your goals in adding the Forklift Safety Camera System.

Goals in adding a Forklift Safety Camera Recorders might include:
  • Prove or dismiss allegations of dangerous lift operations
  • Prove or dismiss allegations of damage to product 
  • Prove or dismiss allegations of damage to forklift equipment
  • Prove or dismiss liability in case of injury
  • Prove or dismiss allegations of lift operator misconduct
  • Provide a management tool to review accidents or training aide
  • Deter Driving While Texting during lifting operations

The above are the most common goals expressed to us from those purchasing our Forklift Safety Camera Recorders. You may have others and there are certainly more reasons material handling customers purchase our Forklift Safety Camera Recorders for their lift trucks.

Forklift Safety Camera DVR Systems can provide expert witness digital evidence for incidents that may occur within a warehouse or off site where there is no supervision.
Forklift Safety Camera DVR Systems can help change bad behavior when those being recorded on said cameras believed or find out they can now be held accountable for their Dangerous Driving Behaviors, dangerous lifts, sloppy transports or product damage on those vehicles.

Forklift Safety Camera DVR Systems can prove or disprove a material load was picked up and dropped off when questions arise as to condition of materials when picked up or delivered as well as any product damage during the transport. Wireless Forklift Camera Recorder Systems can offer Fork Cameras that attach to the fork for a unique "Fork View" for the operator to reduce damage to products in high lift or long reach order picking opperations.

Unlike the Transportation Director of a public school district seeking the right School Bus Security Camera system for their fleet who may take the word of other school districts with regard to the value they gain from having video evidence on their buses, in the private sector; only the customer of a Forklift Safety Camera DVR System can determine their “value” or utility of a product.
This is a management tool and like any tool its value and utility depend upon proper use and management oversight.

Should you have any questions, concerns or require more information about various applications or Forklift Safety Camera DVR Systems configurations, we encourage you to let us know and we will be happy to offer our 30+ years market experience in sales and service of digital recording devices to respond to your concerns or questions.