Are Wireless Forklift Extended Reacher Operator Cameras Available?
Yes, Wireless Forklift Extended Reacher Operator Cameras are available as options from American Bus Video Inc. for applications where hi-lift extended boom order pickers or extended boom industrial forklift camera recording systems are required due to cable routing issues that would make cabled camera unworkable.
Loading Dock Container Hi-Lift Crane Operator Camera Recording systems also benefit from the Wireless Camera Industrial Grade Video Surveillance Solutions Forklift Cameras. They can also fill in agricultural Operator Video Surveillance Camera Recording Solutions for heavy-duty farming equipment, off-road mining equipment, or other hostile environment applications like mining equipment where cables and wiring of cameras are not feasible.

Are Wireless Forklift Extended Reacher Operator Cameras Expensive?
Cost is, like most other things, it is subjective. Value is a subjective perception based on the unknown variable, “to whom.”
For example: 
The Estrela de FURA – a 55.22-carat Ruby may be the most valuable ruby known on Earth, worth an estimated $30,000,000.00 to the owners. However, were this ruby on Mars, what would it be worth to any person on Earth? It would have no value at all, and it would be literally without any value to anyone.

Diamonds are costly and valued by the potential spouses who receive them, but again considering Diamonds as big as marbles fall as "rain" on Saturn and Jupiter, their value there is of no interest to anyone.
When you must have video camera functions on remote booms, cranes or extended reach order pickers, wireless cameras are a workable option, despite their much higher cost.

The difference in cost between a wireless and a wired camera is about 3x - 5x higher than the conventional cabled cameras. Still, when you have unusual applications, they are often the only manageable solution for a mobile vehicle onboard video operator camera recorder. So, in the end, only the customer can determine the value of any product to them, as they are the only ones with the agency to determine the value of a product to them.

How do Wireless Forklift Extended Reacher Operator Cameras operate?
The camera has a rechargeable battery in the base, recharged at the end of each shift via a USB cable. There is also a transmitter attached to the camera that sends video signal images ot the DVR, where the DVR has a receiver attached to receive the video signal and then input those images sot the DVR as a cabled camera would.
The Wireless Forklift Extended Reacher Operator Cameras cost so much more because they are a camera, plus a rechargeable Lithium Ion battery, plus a transmitter, then add the receiver module that plugs into the DVR. It is much more than a single camera with a cable, so that is why the price differentiation is so much higher. This is not the typical Low Cost School Bus Child Safety Security Camera equipment.

Do Wireless Forklift Extended Reacher Operator Cameras see in total darkness?
Night vision cameras are the new standard for vehicle video camera surveillance. Starting with the Low Cost Affordable School Bus Camera Systems, then the government-subsidized Head Start  Pre-K Pre-School Nursery School Child Safety Bus Camera Recorder systems up to the Paratransit Driver Safety Video Camera Surveillance Systems all employ the same Night Vision technology enabling them to record in total darkness.
Night vision capability is included with all Wireless Forklift Extended Reacher Operator Cameras as a standard function to enable them to see even if the operator cannot see in low light or total darkness.
In some instances, the operators actually use the LCD to navigate in tight areas of a warehouse in between well-lit areas.
The same need for low light or no light wireless camera functions are a requirement of the shipping dock container crane lifts that move large shipping container and often in locations that are not well-lit.

Should you have any questions or concerns or require more information about the Testudo Lifetime Forklift Camera System Warranty or various applications or Fleet Vehicle Transportation Video Camera Recorder configurations, we encourage you to let us know. We will be happy to offer our 35+ years of market experience in sales and service of digital recording devices to respond to your concerns or questions.