Are “Industrial Grade” Industrial Lift Operator Camera Recorders worth the added cost?

Most sales and marketing experts advocated that price is always the final objection in a purchase.
While it is Human nature to seek advantages in all areas of life, and while the lowest cost is an advantage that permits one to save money in some areas to stretch a budget, in some cases it is not the best idea, nor in the best interest of the purchaser.

Example #1 - The medical profession offers great examples of this “cost vs value” tradeoff, in diagnosis.
While it is cheaper to take an aspirin after a hard bump on the head that leaves you dizzy, sleepy with a pounding headache, a CAT Scan might be a better “value” to determine if there is internal bleeding due to the impact.
While the CAT scan is much much more costly, in reality, it is a much better “value” to those who place their life above all else, so early detection of a life-threatening condition in time to treat it and save a life is priceless.

Example #2 - A bicycle is a means of transportation and the cost is very low. However, a bicycle exposes the person riding it to risks that in some cases need to be managed or avoided. The low cost of the bicycle does not create superior “value” the person who must peddle it, sweat, freeze, or get drenched by rain, is limited by what can be carried with them, so the Low cost does not outweigh the desire to travel in a safer, more comfortable, faster vehicle that holds more passengers, protects from the rain, heat and cold, which is why most people who can ride a bicycle, stop doing so over the age of 30, because they are then more aware of their mortality and less likely to take the unnecessary risks associated with riding a lower cost bike, so they “value” their safety and comfort much more than the low cost. 

When drivers operate the vehicles in an unsafe manner it jeopardizes the operator's personal safety, the safety of others around them, the property they are moving or transporting from place to place, as well as the facility and structures around them. The video camera digital record within the system can document for later review the activities, actions, and events so they can be analyzed should problems arise and possibly assist management in trying to take precautions or institute policy or operational protocols to prevent those problems in the future through policy or better operator training.

Management oversight can help reduce Forklift & Industrial Lift accidents
•Can Document Powered Industrial Material Handling Trucks speeds
•Can Document movements with the load elevated on Materials Handling Industrial Lift Trucks Pallet Stackers
•Can Document Improper backing up techniques in Heavy Duty Forklift Skid Loader Pallet Trucks.
•Can Document Improper braking or accelerating in Sit Down Compact Telehandlers Powered Industrial Lift Truck.
•Can Document warnings to others about 4 Wheel Electric noiseless Forklifts
•Can Document Poor communication of Materials Handling Forklifts
•Can Document Horseplay; stunt driving; jerky, erratic driving in Forklifts or Man-up Order Picker

Industrial Lift Truck operators have been in the top 3 most dangerous, most injured or killed employee groups in the USA many times in the last 10 years, making this small group employee activities account for a statistically high percentage of the workplace injuries and property damage.
The below systems can help reduce the danger to the operators of these systems, by highlighting the cause of the accidents, so better training or awareness of the dangers can be recognized.

It makes little difference exactly what variation of the materials handling aspects or qualities of these articulation vehicles, all versions can benefit from the enhanced documentation and video camera management tools used in the following equipment; Counterbalanced Front & Side Loader, Reach Picker, Telehandler Lift Trucks, Reach Stacker Camera DVR Recorder, Rough Terrain Off-Road, Extended-Reach Forklifts, Pallet loader, Skid Loader, Lift Truck Recorder Camera.

Waterproof - “Industrial Grade” 
Does your school bus video camera system need to be waterproof?
We have documented more than 2 dozen cases of school buses washed out with hoses that completely destroyed their school bus camera system.
How often does your Paratransit Video Camera Recorder, or Non-Emergency Medical Transport Video Camera system get wet? Several over the years have received water damage when those cleaning them out used hoses in areas they should not have damaged the cameras and the DVRs.
How hard pressed would one be to find a Police Suspect or Prisoner Transport Paddy Wagon Camera System that ended up submerged in a body of water like a German U-boat?

These things can and do happen more frequently than you might imagine, sometimes through flooding roads and the attempt to make it through the high water, sometimes vehicles leave the roads to avoid a head-on collision or due to driver fatigue, and end up in the water, but more often the cleaning of the vehicles and the careless thoughtless use of hoses or high-pressure wands to clean the vehicles is the culprit responsible for several thousand dollars damage and damaged systems.

While other mobile vehicle video camera safety cameras do have serious problems on occasion with water damage, it is frequent for an Industrial Lift Truck, Pallet lift Skid loader camera system and Industrial Material Handling Truck Video Camera Recorders to be left outside for weeks in the rain, storms and extreme temperatures as some of them operate in an industrial environment.
The high potential for total system failure and loss of function with regard to water makes the Industrial Lift Trucks and their many classifications particularly well suited for the added level of protection offered by the Industrial Grade mobile video vehicle camera systems offered by American Bus Video Inc.

Environmentally Sealed - “Industrial Grade” 
While the Man up order picker lift system cameras and Sit Down Compact Telehandler Operator Safety Camera Recorders may not operate outside of the climate-controlled warehouses, Container Lift Operator Safety Cameras, Hi-Lift Order Pickers, Counterbalanced Front & Side Loader, Reach Picker, Tele-handler Lift Trucks, Reach Stacker Camera DVR Recorders, Rough Terrain Off-Road, Extended-Reach Forklifts, Pallet loader, Skid Loader, Lift Truck Recorder Camera system all operate in what might be exterior or industrial environment’s susceptible to high heat, high humidity and dust.

All these environmental threats to a DVR can be minimized by having one that is Industrial Rated to be IP65 waterproof or higher. This assures the dust and moisture cannot get inside the DVR where it can prematurely age components and accelerate the service life of the system.
This also helps protect the sensitive electronic equipment inside the DVR from thoughtless or irresponsible damage by those who may be washing the vehicles with hoses or high-pressure wands as we have seen so many times in the Private Service Contractor Charter Transport Compliance Bus Camera Systems.

100% Solid State Driver up to 2TB Memory - “Industrial Grade” 
The Industrial Grade DVRs also offer a massive storage capacity of 2TB in 100% Solid State slide in SSDs.
The ability to run either SDXC memory cards or the slide in SSD provides substantial cost savings over the SDXC memory cards alone as they are much higher in cost than the SSD slide in drives.

Industrial Grade Camera Cables & Fittings -  “Industrial Grade” 
Camera cables for the Industrial Grade systems are up to 4 times thicker, more rugged, and abrasion resistant than the conventional camera cables used in School Bus Camera systems, and are much better suited for the applications like Police Patrol Wagon Suspect, Prisoner & Inmate in-Custody Transport Camera and one application in particular where the customers often feel cheated due to their own poor performance in gambling, Casino Customer Shuttle Bus Video Surveillance Safety Cameras where they may suffer more hostile environments not just from the environmental conditions like; heat, cold, dust and moisture, but also from a higher degree of tampering and abuse from passengers.

Industrial Grade Steel Locking Faceplate - “Industrial Grade”  
Most “Commercial grade” mobile Digital Video Camera Recorders used in School Bus Stop Arm Camera systems as well as the Students With Disabilities & Special Needs Transportation Video Camera equipped vehicles to have a polymer/plastic locking door that does little to stop a person from accessing the SD memory card if they really want to.
“Industrial Grade” systems like the SS4, have hardened steel locking faceplates that protect the entire face of the mobile video Data Recorder. They were designed to be tougher, higher quality components, and longer-lasting than the typical commercial-grade systems and that combined with the above, can make the slightly higher cost, a much better value for the investment.