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Cannabis Transport Vehicle Security Camera DVR

As those incompetent, alcoholic, misrepresenting, lifelong government-subsidized relics in congress take baby steps to enact the removal of Cannabis from federal drug regulations, the sale and marketability of cannabis products will accelerate rapidly, as this market has an unbelievable demand that only a few states have enacted legislation to accommodate a means to supply those customer demands to purchase these products.
Transporting a highly regulated product that is federally regulated under the guidelines of state government guidelines can be a complex and problematic endeavor at best.
Cannabis Transport Vehicle Security Camera Recording systems can add a level of security in their sequential digital, verifiable, expert witness video evidence when needed.

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Dangerous Driving Fleet Safety Camera

Ask yourself; do you really know what your fleet vehicle drivers are doing while they operate your company vehicles on the roads?

The reality is with no management oversight and no monitoring equipment in place, the first time you may realize your fleet of vehicle drivers are dangerous is when you are notified they had a crash. By the time most fleet managers realize they have a problem, it is too late to prevent the accident or incident that called their attention to the problem. By then, the damage may already be done, and the personal injury, property damage, or litigation lawsuit may already be a fait accompli.

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Fleet Vehicle Video Camera System Function Verification

"Trust But Verify"
When Renaldus Maximus aptly stated “Trust but verify” he was referring to the USSR’s compliance with Nuclear Arms Treaty with the USA.

It is not enough to invest in a Vehicle Video Camera Surveillance Recording System for your fleet of vehicles. You must actually use and then monitor the function of those devices to obtain the value intrinsic in their ownership.

There is "0" value in a product that does not work when you need it and like any investment in a safety umbrella or insurance policy in case of bad events, you must maintain those safety or insurance-related products. Insurance policies have m monthly premiums, stop paying and the police are useless when you need it for a claim.

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Legal Considerations for Vehicle Video Cameras

There is an old phrase: “Hope for the best while preparing for the worst” that embodies the spirit of possibilities while guarding cautiously the potential for disappointment and tragedy.

The Vehicle Video Camera Driver Safety systems sold by American Bus Video Inc. are tools that can be used to document via Vehicle Video Camera Evidence what happens, as well as what did not happen on that vehicle. Like any tool there are proper use requirements for the safe use and functionality of that tool, the same is true of vehicle video surveillance cameras.

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Driving While Texting (DWT) Safety Camera

The age of COVID has rendered most other important topics on “hold” and likely for years as the mutations of COVID steal headlines, and consume every column in newspapers and every topic hour on mainstream media, or social media, as fear sells.

Still, some topics continue to wreak havoc on businesses due to their liability and potential for catastrophic damages and loss in human life as well as property. One of those areas of concern is still Texting While Driving.

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3 Grades of Mobile Video Vehicle Surveillance Camera Systems

Fleet managers' wants and needs are subjective and the Vehicle Video Surveillance System best suited for US Marshal Prison Bus Transport Video Surveillance may not be the best choice for Elderly Assisted Living Shuttle Video Camera Applications. Each application in the mobile video onboard camera market has its own specific requirements that must be met in order to adequately offer the liability protection or management oversight they are seeking.

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