Plagues have swept through humanity throughout the known written history of mankind as far back as the Plague of Athens up to the Black Death of the 14th century. Through knowledge and advances in science, Mankind has been able to survive despite our ignorance and inability to defeat the bacteria and viral pandemics mankind has faced.

A groundbreaking disruptive technology incorporating innovative use of Intels AI (Artificial Intelligence) could already have the means to neutralize or Cure:
HIV, Corona-virus, HTLV-1, H10N3, Influenza A and B, H1N1 influenza, Respiratory syncytial virus (RSV), Ebola, Small-Pox, Tetanus, Diphtheria, Rabies, Herpes zoster, Varicella zoster, Anthrax, Elephant Endotheliotropic Herpes Viruses, Feline Leukemia Virus, Equine Infectious Anemia Virus, and Koala retrovirus.

The Holy Grail of Biotechnology, the “cure” for many viral pathogens named CLONE 3 - Monoclonal human antibodies, was developed and patented by Enzolytics Inc. (ENZC) in Texas and is currently in clinical trials to validate what has already been proven in multiple university trials with their HIV solution.

As a species, we have come so far, in some ways lived Frank Sinatra's “The Impossible Dream” so big, walked on the Moon, are planning colonies on Mars, and are now on the precipice of greatly extending our lifetimes, by defeating viral plagues and many forms of cancers, so why can we not get drivers to put their cell phones down long enough to drive safely?

The advent of auto-driving cars is not being fast-tracked because people cannot drive, that is something many have been doing for decades. The problem is many cannot put their phone down long enough to stop their car before hitting the slowed or stopped a vehicle in front of them. Driving While Texting is one of the most distracted and dangerous driving behaviors facing fleet driver risk management today.

The entire School Bus Stop Arm Camera market is largely based upon the fact so many are distracted by their phones when driving they do not notice the 10 foot tall and 8-foot wide vehicle lit up like a Christmas tree stopped in front of the loading or unloading children with the Stop sign arm extended and at least 10 Red lights flashing at them.

The endless stream of useless emoticons running over their phones like a leaky toilet demands such a high level of concentration from those just barely conscious at times when they may be driving while already tired creating a dangerous situation whereby the time they see the bus stopped in front of their only option to avoid a head-on collision is to take a hard turn to pass the bus and hope they do not hit an innocent child exiting the bus on the right or crossing the road in front of the bus on the left.

School Bus Stop Arm Cameras are just a means to capture those who violate the law when passing a stopped bus when the stop arm is extended. They in no way address the problems of distracted drivers who are often Driving While Texting.

Driving While Texting is not just a problem addressed by School Bus Safety Cameras, or Special Needs Wheelchair Bus Camera systems. This problem permeates every fleet passenger transport application on the roads today.

While it was many years back the LA Rail transit contacted an associate of ours long ago after the single greatest loss of life in a ground-based transportation accident when the rail car operator who is to hold the Dead Mans Switch in his hand to immediately stop the commuter rail cars in case of a potential oncoming train or blocked track failed to notice another train headed at his train because he was busy, you guessed it; Texting While Driving or in his case operating the passenger train.

Many passenger transportation applications must deal with the added risk of Driving While Texting:
Elderly Day Care Shuttle & Assisted Living Transportation Vehicle Video Camera
Casino Customer Shuttle Bus Video Surveillance Safety Cameras
Police Patrol Wagon Suspect, Prisoner & Inmate in-Custody Transport Camera 
Paratransit Driver Safety Video Camera Surveillance System

While passenger transport applications are specifically addressed by federal law now, single-person transportation applications listed below also suffer from the same Driving While Texting, those the passenger safety risk is not present in these applications the potential for property damage and loss of life of the driver or operator is still present.
5th Wheel King Pin Trailer CS1 Spotter Yard Mule Camera
Forklift HD Industrial Operator Safety Camera System
Non-Emergency Medical Transport In-Vehicle Surveillance

Fleet Driver Surveillance Vehicle Cameras are a proven way to enhance management oversight as well as change the behavior of those being monitored. It is an aspect of Human Nature that employees act more responsibly when they know management can monitor, and record all of their actions.

How many businesses in the USA could afford a $49,000,000.00 liability lawsuit because one of your fleet vehicle drivers could not keep their hands off their cell phones long enough to operate your company vehicle safely?

The advantages of equipping your vehicles with a Fleet Driver Surveillance Vehicle Camera are numerous but I will add another that might be applications depending on how big your company is and if your vehicle is self-insured.

Insurance companies often provide a discount on fleet vehicle insurance when your company incorporates a Fleet Driver Surveillance Vehicle Camera system, as long as the below applies:

Your company equips your vehicles with Fleet Driver Surveillance Vehicle Cameras.

Fleet Driver Surveillance Vehicle Camera video files are offered to the insurance company for any incidents or accidents where a claim is filed with the insurance provider. In this way their coverage of the cost of the system or a discount for the cost of the system

Should you have any questions, concerns, or require more information about various applications, we encourage you to let us know and we will be happy to offer our 30+ years of market experience in sales and service of digital recording devices to respond to your concerns or questions.