1 - Our Pricing Is Reasonable 
Unlike most companies who are so embarrassed by their product pricing, they do not post it online, we post ours on our websites in ranges from 1 unit to 100 units. Why force a customer to be subjected to a grilling by high-pressure commission salesmen just to learn how much a product costs, and then be placed in a sales contact database for future unsolicited telemarketing interruptions?
ABV is Not embarrassed by our Material Handling Forklift Camera Recorder pricing.

2 - Best Warranty for The Price
How do you determine “Best Value?”
Do you want a Lifetime Warranty or the lowest cost best value system?
Purchasers of Cameras for School Buses are often forced to focus on price, not value, while the same Special Needs Wheelchair School Bus Camera systems often demand higher quality as their risk of litigation is higher.
Capitalism only works when it is based upon “Free exchange of value without deceit, coercion or initiation of force”. We offer the customer the choice of low cost or best Warranty, as only the customer can determine what they value most, low cost or Best quality and warranty.

3 - Industrial Grade Extreme Environment Rated
ABV offers “Industrial Grade” mobile video solutions for both Industrial Forklift Truck Operator Cameras, as well as Switcher King Pin “Yard Mule”  5th wheel King Pin camera systems.
These extreme environment DVRs, Touchscreen LCD displays, and cameras are IP 65 waterproof rated, 100% Solid State to survive 5-20G impacts, and offer both SDXC memory card or SSD slide in-memory storage for a low cost 2TB storage capacity available.

4 - Product Problem Disclosure in Service Memos
Whether you are providing; Elderly Day Care Shuttle & Assisted Living Transportation Vehicle Video Camera systems or Police Patrol Wagon Suspect, Prisoner & Inmate in-Custody Transport Camera systems, eventually your product will have functionality issues, operational problems or need a Firmware or Video Player update due to a change in the Google free mapping software many use for their GPS versions.

When this happens, the company who provides the product has 2 clear choices;
1 -Ostrich business model you are all familiar with, stick their head in the sand and ignore the problem hoping it goes away.
2- Proactively Admit the issue or problem with the product, address that problem head-on, and offer the solution for that issue so all who have it may resolve it in a proven manner.
When a number of customers, report a similar problem with a product, we open a Service case, and when solved we create a Service Memo to be posted online for all who may experience a similar problem with that product to learn the solution.

5 – 100% Solid State Reliability DVRs
Some of the most demanding applications for mobile video are:
Likely they are such rough applications due to the fact they are heavy steel vehicles with minimum suspensions which is why the g-force shocks are so high.
Most companies embrace a business model of fragile hard drive-based DVRs with high failure rates in a Material Handling Forklift Camera Recorder application, insuring future profits from replacement hard drives. In some cases, the replacement hard drive profit far exceeds the system profit.

American Bus Video offers 100% Solid State DVRs for both Non-Emergency Medical Transport In-Vehicle Surveillance as well as forklift operator safety cameras recorder systems, offering a durable high reliable memory storage technology.

Should you have any questions, concerns, or require more information about various applications or Forklift Camera Recorder Systems configurations, we encourage you to let us know and we will be happy to offer our 30+ years of market experience in sales and service of digital recording devices to respond to your concerns or questions.