While the manufacturer provides Free Video Player software for viewing the encrypted Vehicle Driver Safety Video Camera video files, on occasion our company pays for some custom programming that may not be included such as “masking” feature to blur out zones of the video if the video may be used in court, or the 3-Axis Accelerometer charting for accident analysis and events recreation by accident investigation agencies.

Customers of our High Definition Driver Safety Camera Surveillance Solution & Mobile Video Safety Camera Surveillance Systems are encouraged to update their Player.
We have a new improved version of our DVR-Player GUI, aka Video Player available for your Free download.

New DVR_Player Update for Download:
Some customers of our High Definition Driver Safety Camera Surveillance Solution were having issues with older model High Definition DVRs not functioning properly with the newest DVR_Player software, so a new improved version is now available for Free download for all Customers using any of our High Definition Mobile DVRs, including the below:
  • SD4HD
  • SD4HW
Reseller designated Driver Safety Camera Surveillance Solutions DVR models are also encouraged to download the use the new DVR-Player GUI, aka Video Player

The manufacturer Was Notified
ABV informed the programming engineer about the issue 3 separate customers were having with High Definition.
They have created a new DVR_Player version and have provided me an updated version to correct many possible causes of the problem some customers may have experienced.

Operational PC Playback Note;
What might be of help for all using our video programs on their Windows based PCs would be to tell the PC you are playing Video Games, as the modern video games require all the Processor speed and Virtual RAM, to operate properly and our Video Players would benefit from the same settings on a PC.

See the below image for what I am referring to:

Initialization & Format Note:
Note; the below messages are from Windows, NOT our Video Player, so if someone selects Format or Initialize they will destroy the data on a SD card.

Please Ignore these Windows messages should they display, this is NOT part of our Video Player. The Windows OS cannot “see” the Encrypted video files that our DVR_Player utilizes to protect the video evidence from manipulation.

Download the New Driver Safety Camera Surveillance Solution DVR_Player
The New DVR_Player version is now online for all customers to download, click the below Link:


The top file is a “exe” version
The bottom file is a Zipped version to get past firewalls.

As always, Thank You for your purchase of our High Definition Driver Safety Camera Surveillance Solution & Mobile Video Safety Camera Surveillance Solutions.
Should you have any problem, let us know at: