Top Reasons Industrial Grade Vehicle Video Camera Recorders Are The Best Value

Reason #1
Best Quality Components & Software of all vehicle video camera platforms are incorporated into the “Industrial Grade” system including:

150-degree FOV cameras provide a much wider FOV (Field of View) for an extremely wide view of both horizontal and vertical image capture. Extended Reach Order Picker Lift Trucks and Off-Road Forklift Trucks need the same level of protection as  Police Patrol Wagon Suspect, Prisoner & Inmate in-Custody Transport Cameras need a wide-angle camera view.

1/2” camera lenses offered in the “Industrial Grade” system, dwarf the minimalist offerings of the 1/3” lenses offered in most of the Commercial Grade CCTV camera lenses, offering unrivaled clarity of image and light gathering characteristics. The low light of a 5th Wheel King Pin Trailer CS1 Spotter Yard Mule Camera systems application can greatly benefit from this better lens. Forklift Skid Loader Pallet Trucks and Telehandler Lift Truck camera systems all benefit from the low light attracting lens that attracts much more ambient light.

All metal camera shells provide extreme environmental protection from the elements as well as from the abuse and tampering of some applications like Prisoner & Inmate in-Custody Transport Cameras. The metal camera shells protect the cameras in Counterbalanced Front & Side Loader, Tele-handler, or  Reach Stacker Camera DVR Recorder applications where the cameras are prone to get bumped.
While cheap plastic camera housing may be acceptable in lower grades of equipment, they simply are not fit for the extreme environments the “Industrial Grade” system must operate in.

Reason #2
Toughest Most Durable Longest Service Life insured by superior development and design of the product as well as manufacturer quality to higher standards to ensure the products can not only survive in a hostile environment but can do so for an extremely long period of time, reducing the need for service and maintenance that lower grades of components would require.
School Bus Video Camera System components are Commercial Grade so generally, they will not exceed the life of the bus, so when buses are purchased they will need to purchase new Charter Bus Contractor Student Transport Camera Systems as the components in the older bus are no longer serviceable.
Forklift Industrial Lift Truck Operator Safety Camera Systems are made to a higher standard so regardless of when the lift service life ends, the components can be moved from the older worn-out equipment and installed in the new equipment to provide a Rough Terrain Off-Road, Extended-Reach Forklifts, Pallet loader, Skid Loader Recorder Camera systems with operator safety cameras.

The same is true of the Paratransit Driver Safety Video Camera Surveillance System, when the vehicles they are installed in are no longer road worthy, they move the components to the new Police Suspect Detainee Extradition Prisoner in Custody Bus Camera System equipped vehicles.

Reason #3
Waterproof DVR, Camera Cables & Touch Screen Display provides professional protection for long service life components keeping water, dust, and debris out of the mechanism, out of the cameras, and out of the camera cable connections to help ensure premature failure is prevented.
Pallet Stacker Lift Trucks, Reach Stacker Lift Trucks Operator Safety Camera Recorders must often operate outside the buildings, exposed to the changing dust, heat, cold, and humidity where electronic components are more prone to failure.
Off-Road Extended-Reach Forklift cameras systems and RORO Industrial Lift Truck for Container Handling Industrial Stacker operator safety cameras all benefit from the weatherized protection of the Industrial Grade systems.

Reason #4
Lifetime Warranty Available on all Industrial Grade Vehicle Video Camera Recorders to provide an enhanced degree of confidence if any purchased component fails you will quickly receive a new replacement for it for as long as you own the product.
Companies with no faith in the quality or durability of their systems will not offer a Lifetime Warranty on the entire system at any price.
Why install a Man-up Order Picker Operator Camera, or any of the other vehicle configurations such as Front & Side Loader, Reach Picker, Telehandler Lift Truck Operator Safety Camera Recorder on a vehicle that will outlast the camera system, when you can get a system with a Lifetime Warranty on the entire system?

Reason #5
AHD Backwards Compatible
Pallet Skid Loader Stacker ForkLift Truck Camera Recorder systems are backward compatible with Analog & Megapixel CCTV cameras sold by American Bus Video Inc, & FMI since 1995, because we ensure our new technology DVRs can use all cameras we have sold in the past, so our customers can stretch their budgets, save a fortune on removal and reinstallation of new cameras with new DVRs, and not fill up landfills with functional equipment they already paid for years ago while claiming to be “Green “.

It does not take a genius to make the right selection in an “AHD” DVR technology so that you can save your customers thousands in new camera purchases……….but it does take someone who actually cares about their customers to look out for their best interests at the cost of the fat profit margins you could make. Sadly most who sell these systems see a new customer as a “$$$” and only care about your payment, not your continued satisfaction and ability to get the most from your purchased components.

Every School Bus Video Camera or School Bus Stop Arm Camera ever sold by ABV/FMI can be used with the new higher technology Industrial Grade Systems. Our efforts to make the system as valuable to our customers as possible has saved our customers thousands of dollars in
new equipment has not had to use with the existing still functional cameras, while at the same time not polluting the environment with tons of fully functional cameras that need to be replaced when a new DVR is adopted.

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