Business relationships cannot be based upon deceit.
Ask them the following to see if they are honest, reputable, and will they treat you with respect.

Does your Company Manufacturer your DVR?
This may seem trite and unnecessary information, but their response is what you need to understand.
Should an American-based OEM tell you their company makes the forklift video surveillance camera recorder aka “DVR”, this is “Strike 1” in a Baseball metaphor most Americans can understand. The reality is almost every system DVR, with few exceptions that I am aware of in this market is made in China. When an American-based company tells me they make their mobile DVR, I know beyond a reasonable doubt they are lying to me.

Deceit is a terrible foundation upon to base a business relationship. When they are willing or obligated to lie about something so unimportant as the manufacturer of the DVR, it is likely they will also lie about every other important aspect of their product.

Does your Company Manufacturer your Cameras?
Again this is not a deal-breaker, just a simple question as to who makes the cameras, yet most will tell you their company makes them. This is “Strike 2” in the Baseball metaphor. 
The reality is almost every system DVR, with few exceptions that I am aware of in this market is made in China. When an American-based company tells me they make their mobile vehicle video cameras, I know beyond a reasonable doubt they are lying to me.

Have Your Customers Had Any Problems with This Product?
You ask the 3rd simple question “Have your customers had any problems with this product?”.

Back to our Baseball metaphor; The catcher signals the pitcher for a fastball, the pitcher winds up, you ask the question, and the batter (salesperson) swings wildly with the third lie…” None of our customers have any problems with this system”. The Umpire calls it “Strike 3, You’re Out!”

It is deceitful and pathetic when a salesperson must lie to a potential customer but this is the reality of how most must operate as they have no faith in their product, no real working knowledge of how they operate, what makes them function, how the customers use them and what the systems are capable, so is it any wonder they do not believe their products are worth the high price their OEM charges for them?

In most cases they are simply reading from a PDF they were provided and it is doubtful many have any field experience with them. There is no good reason to believe anything they tell you after the third confirmed lie to deceive you at the start of your business relationship.

Integrity and transparency require an open and honest exchange of information, so ABV puts the product problems online in Service Memos, so all customers can see what problems we have had with product lines and how they were solved.

Do you offer Wireless Cameras With Rechargeable Batteries?
Certain applications within the Industrial Lift Truck Camera Recorder aka Forklift Cameras markets require extended reach vehicles such as Reach Order Pickers, Shipping Container Lifts, High Boom Extended forks, and cranes. These applications require the flexibility of the wireless cameras that can be operated with no cables to tangle or restrict the function of the hydraulic lift extensions or cables on the cranes.

Do You Offer Fork Cameras?
Fork cameras are mini cameras that can attach to the fork to provide a unique "Fork View" to the operator, to help prevent damaging the product being handled, and ensure a higher level of safety in the lifting transporting process.
Wireless Fork Cameras have rechargeable batteries to provide quick installations and portability.

Does Your Company Offer Backwards Compatibility of 20+ years?
When the human mind is faced with a challenge it has never experienced it often shuts down and leaves the person in a stunned and confused state, where often the only they can do is ask
 “Why do you ask”, which is just a struggle to recover from your question to which they would have to answer “No”.

ABV provided Analog High Definition DVRs for School Bus Cameras are backward compatible with analog cameras as well as megapixel HD cameras we have sold in 30+ years because when your concern is offering the best value to the customer you pay more for your DVRs to ensure your customer's previous investments can be used with the new technology DVRs.

Are Your DVRs and Cameras Waterproof?
Few applications of forklift video surveillance camera recorder systems require them to be submersible.
The reason for the question is to preemptively prevent the most prevalent cause of problems for those systems, ie.; moisture entering the DVR case and damaging the PC circuit boards and cameras failing due to rain, or high humidity entering the camera case.

Many of our warehouses operated lift trucks are often outside loading trucks and moving products in the yards. It is in these operations you can easily destroy a poorly engineered system when water enters the DVR and destroys it.

Does Your Forklift Camera Document Dangerous Lift Operation & Driving?

Industrial Grade Forklift Video Surveillance Camera Recorder Systems have a built-in scientific instrument called a 3-Axis Accelerometer that is used in accident analysis and safety test vehicles to recreate crash information should something go wrong.
This device may provide detailed sequential inertia charted courtroom admissible liability litigation information that can be used to indicate who dangerously operates the forklifts, who has the highest degree of tilt, who impacts objects, who lifts a load too quick, drops a load too quick, drives too fast, stops too suddenly all causing potentially life-threatening and property damaging accidents.
Have you seen what Dangerous Driving Looks Like?

ABV offers Industrial Grade Forklift Video Surveillance Camera Recorder Systems with IP66 moisture protected cameras, DVRs, and LCDs to insure the product components are protected from water to help them provide a longer-term service life than the cheaper non-protected systems sold by other companies.

Should you have any questions, concerns, or require more information about various applications or School Bus Video Camera system configurations, we encourage you to let us know and we will be happy to offer our 30+ years of market experience in sales and service of digital recording devices to respond to your concerns or questions.