Yard truck trailer swapping applications require competent safety training on the specific models and types of equipment operated, as well as the focused attention by the trailer swapper operator to safely lock and secure the 5th wheel locking trailer King Pin and make certain the 5th wheel locking jaws are engaged and securely lock the trailer King Pin in position. The Switcher Truck 5th Wheel King Pin Camera can assist the operator in seeing the condition of the King Pin and verification of the locking jaws engagement.

Switcher truck operators are often pressed for time and when rushed mistakes are common such as: High-Hook, jaws not locked, King Pins not engaged or Kingpins not securely locked prior to moving the tractor causing a trailer rollover or trailer hitting the ground damaging the trailer, due to unsecured trailer King Pin or locking jaws not fully engaged.

While the liability risk with yard mule switcher trucks does not approach that of the Special Needs Wheelchair School Bus Video Surveillance ​applications, the property damage, loss of time, potential for employee injuries are all present and must be managed in a way that permits not only a safety process but verifiable overview when things eventually go wrong, so that those incidence can become training examples of how bad things can occur and how to voice them in the future.

These situations and problematic conditions can be immediately recognized by the application of our Switcher Truck 5th Wheel King Pin Camera, which can permit immediate visual monitoring of the Switcher Truck 5th Wheel King Pin on the camera LCD display while seated in the tractor.

Tug tests by Switcher truck operators can fail to identify several problems such as King Pins not securely locked, faulty 5th wheel jaw lock sensor, visual inspection under low light or adverse conditions can be rushed and Switcher Operator error can result in costly damage to the trailer and the contents thereof.

The Switcher Truck 5th Wheel King Pin Trailer Camera, offers the operator immediate visual monitoring of the 5th Wheel King Pin on the camera LCD display.

“CS1 Spotter” Switcher Truck 5th Wheel King Pin Trailer Camera Can Help Reduce Damage & Costly Repairs: 
  • Reduce King Pin Damage from non-locked trailers (Less Downtime = Increased Productivity). 
  • Reduce Trailer Damage from High Hooks (Less Damage = Increased Productivity). 
  • Reduce 5th Wheel Damage (Less Tractor Downtime = Increased Productivity). 
  • Reduce Product Cargo Damaged by Dropped Trailers (Less Damage = Increased Productivity).
  • Peace of Mind (Video Documentation = Management Verification & Oversight).

    “CS1 Spotter” Can Help Increase Operator Safety Accountability & Management Oversight:
  • Enhance Operator Safety & Highlight Safety Concerns With Documented Video Record 
  • Conserve Fuel, Reduce Pollution / Carbon Footprint via Tractor Engine Idle Time Reduction 
  • Reduce Non-Productive Time, DVR Documents Vehicle Usage & Operator Activity 
  • Determine The Cause of Dumped Loads, To Help Prevent Future Swapping Accidents 

Eco Friendly Trailer Swapping Operations Aspects: 
  • Reduce Air Pollution & Employee Health Related Dangers by reducing unnecessary engine idling.
  • Reduce Company Fleet Carbon Footprint by reducing unnecessary wasted fuel during engine idling.
  • Reduce Water & Ground Pollution by helping prevent trailer rollover damage, liquid load spills & fluid leaks Lower Fuel Costs & Increase Profits by reducing unnecessary idle times.
Should you have any questions, concerns or require more information about various applications or 5th Wheel King Pin Video Camera system configurations, we encourage you to let us know and we will be happy to offer our 30+ years market experience in sales and service of digital recording devices to respond to your concerns or questions.