Forklift Operator Safety Camera Recorder Benefits

Accountability Enhanced By Forklift Operator Safety Camera Recorder
One of the primary benefits of employing a Forklift Operator Safety Camera Recorder is the immediate accountability it can provide management when things do not go as planned. When bad things happen there is often confusion and doubt as to what actually happened, why it happened and who is at fault if some safety or company protocol was ignored or broken.

It has been proven that video monitoring can drastically change the behaviors of people being monitored. 
A simple thing like cell phone distractions or Texting While Driving a lift truck can have immediate and severe consequences.

While most applications involving driving, and machine operation share the same autonomous no management oversight activity in the eyes of the vehicle operator, it can be enlightening to see just how quickly irresponsible, or bad behavior disappear when they have a camera recording what they do that can provide their boss or company management a sequential record of their activities should the need arise.

Ask yourself this question; “Would our company forklift operators act better, be more efficient and operate their vehicle safer if all of the company management staff was standing by their side watching what they do every day?”

This of course is a rhetorical question as it does not require a response, the answer is overwhelming “Yes” because it is Human nature to act differently, do your job better, act safer, when your boss or bosses are watching you work.

Forklift operations are effected by inertia, gravity and momentum in a similar way as a car on the highway. The same 3-Axis Accelerometer built into our Industrial Forklift truck Safety Camera System also monitors dangerous driving performed by the forklift operator. “What Dangerous Driving Looks Like” is a graphical charting tool that can visually show you by chart deflections, how safe or reckless, the forklift is being operated.

Safety Enhanced By Forklift Safety Camera System
While most of us might consider being a police officer or firemen as a dangerous occupation, in reality they are both much safer than an industrial truck aka forklift operator.

It has been estimated that each year in the United States forklift accidents at work kill approximately 200 workers and seriously injure another 20,000 workers, which is then compounded by the collateral damage to a company from the cost in liability claims, medical coverage, loss of work and loss of equipment use. 

With each accident, each injury, claim and rehab or repair of damaged property, the company losses continue to add up for a problem that in most cases could have been avoided. Asset management and risk avoidance are not just goals in portfolio management on investments. Industrial facilities have a vested interest in reducing their exposure to personal injury liability, property damage and the oversight issues those problems can incur such as higher insurance costs and lowered productivity.

Risk Reduction With Forklift Operator Safety Camera Recorder
While all companies strive for a safe workplace environment, the reality is Prevention of Risk and Safe Operation of sit-down powered industrial trucks is now a important part of Risk Management for any company incorporation these powerful materials handling powered industrial trucks. The potential for damage from misuse of these heavy equipment vehicles exposes the company to potentially unanticipated risks.

Large heavy vehicles that may operate in areas in close proximity with people who may be negligent or reckless in their close proximity to these powered industrial trucks can often pose a threat to the safety of those around the Powered Industrial Trucks (PITs), so it is ultimately the responsibility of the operator of the vehicle to insure the vehicle is operated in a safe manor.

Forklift Operator Safety Camera Recorders often those who operate these devices can be distracted, fatigued, or reckless exposing their companies to liability risk that can cost their companies losses in human life and property damage when the Rough Terrain Extended-Reach Forklifts, Container top handlers, Container reach stackers, Straddle carriers Powered Industrial Trucks are not under the control of a well trained and contentious operator. The weight and mass of these vehicles is considerable and their momentum can transfer massive impacts to people or property that is impacted.

Should you have any questions, concerns or require more information about various applications or Forklift Safety Camera DVR Systems configurations, we encourage you to let us know and we will be happy to offer our 30+ years market experience in sales and service of digital recording devices to respond to your concerns or questions.