As OSHA has repeatedly found the Heavy Duty Industrial Powered Lift operation to be the most dangerous occupation for employees, the need to manage this high-risk environment and activity is called for.
While many operations of these vehicles involve more than one person as a guide to assist the lift or crane operator in those areas they cannot see as their vision is often blocked by the load they are lifting or moving, even this is often not sufficient o ensure problems do not occur due opt insufficient training, poor communication between the operator an assistant or the noisy and often hazardous environment they operate in.

Common Industrial Lift Truck & Forklift Video Camera Surveillance Systems Questions:

Why do companies install Forklift  Video Camera Surveillance Systems on their material handling equipment?
For a similar reason, Low Cost School Bus Camera Surveillance systems are installed on school buses, or nursing homes might install Elderly Day Care Shuttle & Assisted Living Transportation Vehicle Video Cameras on their vehicles, all in an effort to learn what happened in an unbiased expert witness digital eye witness.
Industrial forklift accidents, injuries, and deaths are some of the highest OSHA-related threats to employees of any occupation. The cost in human lives, physical injuries, and property damage have led many large and small companies to incorporate Forklift Operator Safety Surveillance Cameras on their lift devices to document what happened and why in case of an accident, so maybe they may use that knowledge to prevent future accidents.

Are Industrial Handling Fork Lift Camera systems expensive?
That depends on who you purchase them from.  ABV lists pricing online as we are not embarrassed of our pricing, nor do we need a high-pressure salesperson to force you to spend more for features you may not need or unnecessary services they are hesitant to list online for all to see.

Most other sources of these systems seem to be embarrassed of their high pricing as they do not post that pricing online for customers to see, forcing potential customers to endure the high-pressure salesperson experience and subsequent endless follow-up calls once they put your contact name in the system for future harassment.

For the last 12 years, our School Bus Video Camera system pricing has been online for any who wanted to know the costs of those systems. When we found one of our customers was putting them on Forklift systems in an Industrial Lift truck video camera application, we started listing those application-specific system prices as well. Later on when we learned more about the demanding environments these Industrial Lift Operator Safety Camera systems are used in, we searched for and found an Industrial Grade Forklift Camera Recording Solution that is much more rugged, shock isolated, and waterproof for these more demanding applications.


Are Forklift  Video Camera Surveillance Systems video evidence legal in court?
Mobile vehicle video surveillance camera systems have been used for decades to provide Digital Expert Eye Witness Video Camera evidence in court cases for civil and criminal cases. Always check with your state attorney or local DA for any unusual requirement they may have regarding video camera file use as expert witness evidence.

There are several general requirements for most video evidence; 
Vehicle ID number so that the video evidence can prove veracity with regard to when it happened and on what vehicle so that these areas are verified and embedded in the video files. 
Another requirement is that the video file evidence is protected against manipulation and editing for possible fraud. The preferred mechanism of this level of protection is the encryption of the video files.

Can Forklift  Video Camera Surveillance Systems help prevent accidents?
Vehicle Video Surveillance Camera Systems are management oversight tools that can be incorporated to help reduce dangerous forklift drivers or order picker operator behaviors, in the same way, that cameras for school buses help ensure pupil transportation bus camera systems help protect students by providing a mechanism for management oversight and review in case of event or issue.

Should you have any questions, or concerns or require more information about various applications or Fleet Vehicle Transportation Video Camera Recorder configurations, Industrial Grade Forklift Camera Recorders, Lifetime System Warranty Industrial Material Handling Lift Trucks & Order Pickers or Low-Cost School Bus Camera systems, we encourage you to let us know. We will happily offer our 35+ years of market experience in sales and service of digital recording devices to respond to your concerns or questions.