Vehicle Safety Camera Surveillance Solutions can be a bit overwhelming once one is tasked with the selection and vetting of one for their vehicle fleet. Unlike Special Needs Wheelchair School Bus Video Surveillance Camera Systems the widespread application of vehicle video cameras has not been common as long as they have in the school bus camera applications markets.

A general acceptance by many providers of a predatory business model greatly limit freedom of choice in future options once a selection is made.

The DVR technology platform affects the future use and costs of said system in the following ways:
  • The Service Life of Vehicle Safety Camera Surveillance components
  • Conserve capital assets by component recycling
  • Reduce the Carbon footprint by component recycling
  • Reduce water and land pollution from heavy metal toxicity
  • Reduce the long term labor required to sustain the system

Analog High Definition (AHD) mobile DVRs, which are currently sold in the
Vehicle Safety Camera Surveillance Solutions market have an unusual feature most manufacturers may avoid by design as it may cut into their fat profit margins in the future.

This unusual feature is their innate ability to generally integrate with older CCTV technology, specifically, their ability to use existing Analog or Megapixel camera technology at the same time.

For example most Analog DVRs are restricted to using the older technology Analog camera only.

This means an Elderly Adult Senior Living shuttle or Non-Emergency Medical Transport vehicle equipped with older Analog systems must not only replace the Analog DVR that reached the end of its service life, but it must also replace all the previously installed Analog cameras becasue most of the new High Definition DVRs now sold cannot use Analog cameras, Elderly Adult Senior Living shuttle or Non-Emergency Medical Transport vehicle fleet owners must now pay more then double the cost of the DVRs that failed to replace not only the bad DVR but all the cameras they had already installed that were still fully functional.
The reality is when most systems need to be replaced due service life expiration, it is the DVR that has failed, not the cameras. The cameras can last longer than the vehicles in many applications.

The Analog High Definition (AHD) DVRs sold by American Bus Video Inc. has the added advantage of supporting both new Megapixel and older technology Analog cameras, so by design it can make use of older existing Analog cameras in your older fleet vehicles, and not require the district to constantly replace functional analog cameras with more expensive HD megapixel cameras and the much more time consuming process of reinstallation of said cameras in the older vehicles every time the DVR technology changes.
All Vehicle Video Camera Surveillance Systems sold by ABV also include a built in 3-Axis Accelerometer, which is a high tech scientific instrument capable of measuring inertia on all 3 axis to document
Dangerous Driving Behaviors. The same device can also help deter Driving While Texting which has become an epidemic in the fleet markets.

AHD (Analog High Definition) DVRs are an Eco-Friendly green technology solution that can greatly extend the service life of the existing cameras in your fleet vehicle video surveillance systems while at the same time reducing the land and water pollution caused by filling waste dump sites with functional cameras and camera cables.