HD1080p Image of 40 Foot Forward High Definition 1080p License Plate Capture 12mm SDI Camera 2

FHD4G Image of 40 Foot Forward High Definition 1080p  License Plate Capture 12mm SDI Camera 2

Full High Definition 1080p Vehicle onboard driver safety observation surveillance cameras with 2 megapixel resolution from HD SDI camera for license plate capture, and high resolution clarity of images for stop arm violation cameras, license plate capture vehicle camera Image of 2.8mm High Definition Forward Road Camera.

The FHD4 Driver safety & passenger security vehicle camera system is a video event recorder that can be incorporated as a low cost active driver training device that can help reduce dangerous driving behaviors,  reduce fleet driver risk from those dangerous driving behaviors and actively remind the drivers to abide management safe driving parameters like maximum speeds, reduction of hard turns and rapid acceleration or breaking.  In-vehicle or onboard mobile surveillance systems for transit, paratransit in-vehicle on-board applications are incorporated to provide verifiable video documentation in the areas of Driver Safety and Transit Passenger Security in case of incident or event.

Video event recording systems like the FHD4G & FHD4W provide sequential documentation of incidents or events when claims for a quick review of what happened from a non-biased non-prejudiced mobile digital eye witness. 

Where the FHD4G is particularly well suited, is those applications calling for much higher resolution than the industry standard D1 4-channel DVRs can support like; Forward Facing cameras, Stop Arm cameras for school bus, Car License Plate Capture cameras and Bus Bully Child Assault cameras as they require much higher resolution in order to provide usable video evidence of a Criminal offense or juvenile assault incident.  

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