SD4HD - 720P Mobile Video Vehicle Surveillance Recorder

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SD4HD Driver Safety / Passenger Security Camera

The SD4HD Driver safety & passenger security vehicle camera system is a video event recorder that can be incorporated as a low cost active driver training device that can help reduce dangerous driving behaviors,  reduce fleet driver risk from those dangerous driving behaviors and actively remind the drivers to abide management safe driving parameters like maximum speeds, reduction of hard turns and rapid acceleration or breaking.  In-vehicle or onboard mobile surveillance systems for vehicle applications are incorporated to provide verifiable video documentation in the areas of Driver Safety and Transit Passenger Security in case of incident or event.

The system incorporates a higher level of Video Evidence Security virtually eliminating the possibility video files will be viewed by outside parties  on unauthorized video players. The SD4HD mobile vehicle surveillance DVR has no moving parts in the recording mechanism, making it 100% Solid State Digital. It is able to endure very harsh environments making them well suited for high-risk vehicle applications that require rugged solid state dependability for video evidence. Driver Behavior recording aspects of the 3-Axis accelerometer, combined with the active driver alerts provide a powerful tool for management to help insure safe driving is both a goal as well as a documentable reality. Problems relating to driver behaviors, driver interactions with passengers, passenger actions or interactions can be documented in a sequential video event digital witness record to dispute false claims of verify reported or suspected problems. 

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SD4HD Driver Safety Series

SD4HD  Vehicle  Camera System Features:

  • 10-Year Camera Warranty Standard 
  • Lifetime System Warranty Available
  • Enhanced Video File Evidence Security
  • 512 GB Solid Twin SD State Memory Capacity
  • Active Driver Safety Training Device with Active Driver Alerts
  • Choice of Low Profile or Turret Vandal Cameras at no additional cost

SD4HD  Vehicle  Camera System Pricing:

SD4HD-1...1-Camera  In-Vehicle Fleet Driver Safety Camera Onboard Security Surveillance  CCTV MDVR $500 - $650

SD4HD-2 …2-Camera In-Vehicle Fleet Driver Safety Camera Onboard Security Surveillance  CCTV MDVR $600 - $750

SD4HD-3 …3-Camera Driver Safety Training Device Mobile In Vehicle Video Event Recorder Security Camera $700 - $850

SD4HD-4 …4-Camera Driver Safety Training Device Mobile In Vehicle Video Event Recorder Security Camera $800 - $950

Reseller Pricing Available



SD4D Driver Safety Series Screenshots

Choice of Cameras with above systems:


PD-A Camera

Named as such due to widespread application in police cars for recording of interior car activities. High Definition 720P-AHD with a very wide angle 2.5 mm lens that provides an exceptional wide Field of view. The built in audio is very clear and the light sensor automatically switches the camera from color in normal ambient light to Night Vision via IR LEDS in low light environments. The heavy duty metal shell provides a much longer service life than the cheap plastic camera cases polluting the market.

STC-Black Bus Camera sm

BTC-A or Black Turret Camera

This camera is generically a dome camera with widespread application in school buses for recording of interior bus activities while protecting the camera with a metal vandal resistant shell. Vandal resistant qualities include built in microphone, metal shell or casing, metal shoulder and metal base for a very durable camera. Steel adjustment set screws provided making it rock solid when locked down and much less likely to be bumped out of adjustment during hostile assaults by children or in some cases prisoners as we have offered this camera to several prisoner transport services with zero complaints or damage to date. High Definition 720P-AHD with a very wide angle 2.5 mm for rear of school bus or stairwell / driver camera offering an exceptional Field of View  for all other applications in a large vehicle like school bus front camera, school bus middle camera, transit bus or train. Built in audio recording, with customer adjustable gain on audio amplifier, light sensor automatically switches the camera from color in normal ambient light to Night Vision via IR LEDS in low light environments.

side view verticle camera  med

ExCAM-A  Exterior  Side & Rear Turret  Camera

ExCAM-A is a weatherized IP67 rated vandal resistant‚ auto activating, infrared camera that can easily adjust to point in almost any direction‚ without need to disassemble the camera housing or worry about back reflection from the IR illuminators. It is the size and shape of a very small dome camera‚ but its versatile “turret” style system allows for faster installs and easier adjustments. ExCAM-A permits quick adaptation for Side vehicle camera with horizon leveling for proper image view, or conventional horizontal image for proper video playback from Side View camera applications. High Definition 720P-AHD with a choice of 2 lenses for different applications in a vehicle: very wide angle 2.1 mm for rear view, or 12mm for Stop Arm Camera application on school buses or other applications concerned with capture of license plates on passing cars. A Rear Vision version is availabel with Mirror image to be used as a backup camera.

High Definition Mobile Video Solutions Overview 

What Dangerous Driving "Looks Like"

(Before they cause an accident, to prevent loss of life and property)

Dangerous Driving Behaviors:

High Speed Turns 
Hard Braking & Tailgating
Racing & Rapid Accelerations
Impact to Vehicle, Object or Crash
Distracted Driving & Texting While Driving
Erratic Lane Changes & Inability to Maintain Lane

Download "Dangerous Driving" PDF

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