Heavy Duty Industrial Forklift Counter Weight Mount video recorder surveillance safety camera solution 1

Heavy Duty Industrial Forklift Counter Weight Mount video recorder surveillance safety camera solution 1

Customers employing our forklift mast & roof mounted video cameras with Forklift Quad LCD video surveillance display have reported drastic reductions in day to day damage to the vehicles, as well as a reduction in forklift maintenance, as they are now being turned off when not in use, when in the past they may have been left running for long periods when not in operation. 

It is reasonable to surmise the drastic reduction in forklift related equipment damage is a direct result of the operator having a effective surveillance tool to permit them to see what they might have been missing by the use of remote mounted video cameras on the forklift mast, or the forklift roof camera view from a higher perspective viewed on the forklift ceiling mounted Quad Operator live view LCD display. 

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